Session 37: Reproductive BioMedicine In Space
International IVF Initiative,
12 October 2020

Tuesday 13 October, 2020. 8PM GMT / 9PM CET / 3PM EST
Moderators: Dr. Liesl Nel-Themaat & Giles Palmer

Space: The Final Frontier for Physiology
Dr. Virginia Wotring

Birth Control, Blood Clots, and Babies in Space
Dr. Varsha Jain

Space Environment Significantly Alters Sperm Functions: The Micro-11 Investigation Conducted aboard the International Space Station
Dr. Fathi Karouia

Reproduction in Space: In Vivo and Cross-Generational Effects of Microgravity and Space Radiation
Dr. Sheela Sadruddin

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


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