New Journal - Reproduction and Fertility
Reproduction and Fertility,
12 June 2020

In partnership with Bioscientifica, the Society for Reproduction and Fertility is pleased to announce the launch of their new fully open-access, peer-reviewed journal, Reproduction and Fertility.

Led by Co-Editors-in-Chief Andrew Horne and Norah Spears, Reproduction and Fertility will see vigorous yet rapid peer review of the latest basic, translational and clinical research in the field.

Reproduction and Fertility – now open for submissions


The journal will publish research and reviews on basic, translational and clinical fertility and reproduction (full scope). The journal will be fully open access and, excitingly, the Article Publishing Charges will be completely waived during the launch years*, meaning that you can publish open access free of charge, offering you greater reach and visibility for your work. To find out more about our vision for the journal please read our opening commentary, Introducing Reproduction and Fertility.

We are currently working to build a diverse and international editorial board which best represents you and the full breadth of the journal’s scope. Reproduction and Fertility will benefit from the same vigorous peer review processes as employed by the owning society, the Society for Reproduction and Fertility’s much-respected journal Reproduction. The journal is being launched in partnership with Bioscientifica, a long-standing society publisher.

Reproduction and Fertility is now open for submissions. To stay in touch and receive notification of the first published articles, please do sign-up for alerts.

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