Webinar on "Setting up an IVF lab - a critical appraisal"
Lifeinvitro Academy, Mediknit
31 May 2020

Key Learning points:

- Discuss the facility design, engineering, equipment, and material requirements

- Discuss building materials and details of facility burn-in

- Prepare for procedures, maintenance planning, and risk management

- Understand the key differences in laboratory design for different size clinics

- Describe the essential elements of the plumbing, electrical, and alarm systems

- Process for facility validation before patient care.

The live stream will begin on the 4th June, from India : 08:00 PM (IST)

Sydney (Australia) : 12:30 AM (5th June)

Rome (Italy) : 4:30 PM

Dubai (UAE) : 6:30 PM

Los Angeles (USA) 7:30 AM

Colorado (USA) : 08:30 AM

New York (USA): 10:30 AM

London (UK) : 3:30 PM

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) : 11:30 AM

Cape Town (South Africa): 4:30 PM

Singapore: 10:30 PM


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