Online Session 9: Get Your DNA Fragmentation Out of My Uterine Microbiome
International IVF Initiative,
26 April 2020

Tuesday 28 April, 2020. 8PM GMT / 9PM CET / 3PM EST
Host / Moderator Anthony Anderson, DHSc, ELD and Eva Schenkman, MS, TS

"The Relevance of Uterine Microbiome in IVF Treatment" 
Dr. Inmaculada Moreno 

“Sperm DNA Fragmentation and it’s Impact on IVF Outcomes" 
Dr. Alicia Broussard 

Panelists: Cynthia Hudson, Dr. Shawn Breen, Dr. Sharon Anderson, & Dr. Dara Berger

Organized by AAB College of Reproductive Biology (CRB)

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