Anonymous No More? Donor Conception and Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing
Progress Educational Trust, Progress Educational Trust
13 August 2019

[BioNews, London]

This Progress Educational Trust/University of Liverpool event discusses the impact of genetic testing on donor conception and donor anonymity.

0:00:00 - Sarah Norcross (Director, Progress Educational Trust) SPEAKER PANEL
00:37 - Debbie Kennett (Genetic Genealogist, University College London)
09:03 - Andy Waters (anonymity-era sperm donor)
11:47 - Becky (donor-conceived person)
15:57 - Louise Johnson (Chief Executive, Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority)

19:27 - Panel discussion and audience contributions CLOSE
23:24 - Sarah Norcross (Director, Progress Educational Trust)
23:44 - Dr Lucy Frith (Reader in Bioethics and Social Science, University of Liverpool)

This event took place in London on 19 June 2019.

The event was produced jointly by the Progress Educational Trust and the University of Liverpool. See their websites at and

This film of the event was made by the education charity WORLDwrite. See its websites at and
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