Royan International Research Award 2019
Royan International Affairs, Royan Institute
10 March 2019

Royan Institute is going to hold the 20th RIRA with the aim of encouraging researchers, appreciating their efforts and preparing a friendly scientific atmosphere for them to exchange their knowledge and experiences.

The submitted research projects are evaluated through an intense jury procedure by Award’s national and international Jury board. Each year the prominent researches with outstanding help in solving problems in stem cells, regenerative medicine and reproduction fields are announced, appreciated and rewarded. Each winner will be rewarded with a certificate, the symbol of Royan Award and a Prestigious Iranian Board Rug.

The submitted research projects can lead to several papers or maybe only one paper and they get evaluated according to these criteria:

Relevancy to the award subjects

Creativity and innovation

Methodology and research design

Problem solving

Applicability on human

The submission is open till April 1st at

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