Embryo Biopsy Workshop

Professor Joyce Harper and Alpesh Doshi, of the Embryology and PGD Academy, are the pioneers for embryo biopsy workshops and have organized over 40 IVF and PGD workshops since 1996.  The majority of the workshops have been held at University College London, but other locations include South Africa, India, China, Egypt, Turkey and Thailand.  Testimonials and photos from our workshops can be found on www.embryologyandPGDacademy.com and include:  Great workshop, Great hosts.  Learnt a lot from the most experienced people.  Thank you – it was an honor.  Thanks a lot – I would recommend it to others.  It was the most fulfilling workshop I have ever attended in my over 7 years experience as an embryologist.  The PGD process that sounded and looked like the tallest mountain has been simplified in this workshop.




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