7th Annual Meeting of Academy of clinical Embryologists
Alex C Varghese, Academy of clinical Embryologists
18 June 2018

We are thrilled to invite you to the 7th International Congress of Academy of Clinical Embryologists -India. The meeting is happening August 17-19th 2018 at Holiday Inn, Goa, India popularly known as the Pearl of the Orient or the tourist paradise. In Vedic times Goa is refered to as “Gomantak” a word which signi­fies a land similar to paradise. Goa with its vast expanse of blue skies, silver sandy beaches, lofty mountains, grand cathedrals and ancient temples awaits to welcome you.

With the theme “Risks, Safety and controversies in ART”, we hope to highlight untold realm of assisted reproductive technologies. This congress is unique and ­first of it’s kind globally dealing exclusively with the risks and controversial area associated with assisted conception. The didactic lectures and brain storming sessions will encompass the topics ranging from epigenetic and IVF, perinatal and neonatal outcome data from IVF, controversial technologies, DoAHD and IVF, ethics, population genetics of egg and embryo donations etc. Learn from experts on pre-conceptional health and how we can optimize outcomes for our patients and their children born of our technologies paving the way forward to “Responsible reproduction”. We are bringing together an internationally-renowned faculty to present the latest science and technologies in ART and related research.

The confluence of science, art and heart in this land of surreal beauty will leave you enriched intellectually and emotionally..

It is with great honor and anticipation that we welcome you to the Arabian coastal city of Goa and “Incredible India”.

Team ACE-India


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