World Embryology Day / World Art Day?
Liesl Nel-Themaat,
22 May 2018

A few months back a requested was made to declare Louise Brown’s birthday (Jul 25) World Art Day, essentially doing away with World Embryology Day.

We recently learned that the international Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) is asking national groups to endorse July 25th as World Art Day. This motion may offend Embryologists across the globe. We therefore are conducting a survey to assess how Embryologists world-wide would react to losing their unique day. 

Below is a short survey to assess if majority of Embryologists would support or oppose changing World Embryologist Day to World ART Day, to include the entire ART community. Please take a few minutes (it is only 9 short questions). Follow link below:

There already exists a day/week for nurses, med techs, doctors, admin support etc….so pretty much everybody have their day.
World Embryologist Day has been celebrate exclusively by Embryologists for the past 7 years. 

Thanks all!

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