Webinars for Embryologists and ART Practitioners
Marc Van den Bergh, Senior Clinical Embryologist, Course director ITCART University Zurich
15 January 2018

We are very happy to announce that from 13th February 2018  a new season of webinars for embryologists, ART practioners will start.

Subscribers will have access to printouts of the lectures and records of the sessions.

The annual fee for the 17 different topics all repated at least 8 times , is 100 Euro.

To allow access to colleagues from less financially strong parts of the world, a subcription fee for individual topics for 10 Euro per topic is possible.

As in the past the webinars are pre-accredited by ABB (American Board of Bioanalysts) and allow members to collect their credits for continuous education.

To register click on the tittles and you will be redirected for each topic to a registration form. Payments go via Paypal ( other possibilities on request ).

1. Mitochondria transfer in ART

2. Methylation and epigenetics

3.CRISPR ready to use it in ART ?

4.  What is a clinical relevant semen analysis ?

5. What does embryo morphokenetics learn us ?

6. Aneuploidy screening is it worth the efffort ?

7. Semen preparations for IUI, IVF and ICSI.

8. Fertilisation failure in ICSI ?

9. Social egg freezing .

10.  Are ART babies healthy ?

11. Ovarian tissue freezing where do we stand today ?

12. Post Mortem use of gametes .

13. ISO 15189 Accreditation for ART laboratories ?

14. What is sperm capacitation ?

15. Sex determination and differentiation.

16.  Apoptosis in oocytes, embryos and spermatozoa ?

17.  Errors in gametogenesis.


Looking forward to see you during a webinar.

Marc Van den Bergh 
Senior Clinical Embryologist
Member Royal Society of Biology
Course director ITCART University Zurich

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