Webinar: pH Monitoring in Embryo Culture Conditions
Matt Holmes, SAFE Sens Educational Webinars
14 July 2017

Media pH is dynamic and changes during embryo culture. With the SAFE Sens® TrakStation® it is now possible to monitor this dynamic pH profile.  We wanted to share some of these pH findings in order to better demonstrate how incubator equipment and common lab operations play a role in maintaining pH in media samples.

Profiles will include:

·         Normal pH profile
·         pH Equilibration Profiles (different Oil types and different volumes of oil)
·         pH Stabilization Profiles (thermal Conductivity CO2 Sensors)
·         pH Stabilization Profiles (Infrared CO2 Sensors)
·         pH Changes in Dry incubation
·         pH Fluctuations when incubator function is disrupted

Finally, Susan Olds will discuss benefits from pH monitoring that were incorporated into Clinical Protocols.  The presentation will conclude with live questions and answers.

Visit https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3195180074774486017 to join us next Thursday. 

A special thanks to the labs who provided data for this presentation!



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