Reproductive BioMedicine Online: June 2017 (Volume 34, Issue 6)
Reproductive BioMedicine Online,
06 June 2017



Obituary: Henry Arunachalam Sathananthan (1934–2016) 
Alan Trounson 


Obituary: A K Tarkowski (1933–2016) – an outstanding mammalian embryologist 
Lynne Selwood 


Experimental reproductive biology




Ovarian tissue cryopreservation in female-to-male transgender people: insights into ovarian histology and physiology after prolonged androgen treatment 
Chloë De Roo, Sylvie Lierman, Kelly Tilleman, Karen Peynshaert, Kevin Braeckmans, Mirte Caanen, Cornelius B. Lambalk, Steven Weyers, Guy T'Sjoen, Ria Cornelissen, Petra De Sutter 


Clinical embryology




Clinical use of monopronucleated zygotes following blastocyst culture and preimplantation genetic screening, including verification of biparental chromosome inheritance 
Cara K. Bradley, Maria V. Traversa, Natalie Hobson, Alison J. Gee, Steven J. McArthur 


Outcomes of immature oocytes collected from ovarian tissue for cryopreservation in adult and prepubertal patients 
Giovanna Fasano, Julie Dechène, Raffaella Antonacci, Jamila Biramane, Anne-Sophie Vannin, Anne Van Langendonckt, Fabienne Devreker, Isabelle Demeestere 


Assisted reproductive technology




Non-invasive preimplantation genetic screening using array comparative genomic hybridization on spent culture media: a proof-of-concept pilot study 
Michael Feichtinger, Enrico Vaccari, Luca Carli, Elisabeth Wallner, Ulrike Mädel, Katharina Figl, Simone Palini, Wilfried Feichtinger 


Predictive factors influencing pregnancy rates after intrauterine insemination with frozen donor semen: a prospective cohort study 
Annelies Thijssen, An Creemers, Wim Van der Elst, Eva Creemers, Eva Vandormael, Nathalie Dhont, Willem Ombelet 


Follicular output rate can predict clinical pregnancy in women with unexplained infertility undergoing IVF/ICSI: a prospective cohort study 
A. Hassan, M. Kotb, A. AwadAllah, A. Wahba, N. Shehata 


Economic impact of ovarian stimulation with corifollitropin alfa versus conventional daily gonadotropins in oocyte donors: a randomized study 
María Cruz, Pilar Alamá, Manuel Muñoz, Diana Collado, Carlos Blanes, Enrique Solbes, Antonio Requena 


A meta-analysis of the impact of human leukocyte antigen-G on the outcomes of IVF/ICSI 
Ziru Niu, Liangyi Wang, Ronald T.K. Pang, Yifan Guo, William S.B. Yeung, Yuanqing Yao 






A revised prediction model for natural conception 
Alexandra J. Bensdorp, Jan Willem van der Steeg, Pieternel Steures, J. Dik F. Habbema, Peter G.A. Hompes, Patrick M.M. Bossuyt, Fulco van der Veen, Ben W.J. Mol, Marinus J.C. Eijkemans, on behalf of CECERM study group 


Polycystic ovary syndrome: analysis of the global research architecture using density equalizing mapping 
Dörthe Brüggmann, Lea Berges, Doris Klingelhöfer, Jan Bauer, Michael Bendels, Frank Louwen, Jenny Jaque, David A. Groneberg 


Live birth rates in various subgroups of poor ovarian responders fulfilling the Bologna criteria 
Gurkan Bozdag, Mehtap Polat, Irem Yarali, Hakan Yarali 


Male reproduction and fertility




Meiotic segregation analyses of reciprocal translocations in spermatozoa and embryos: no support for predictive value regarding PGD outcome 
Katarina Haapaniemi Kouru, Helena Malmgren, Irene White, Ana Rodriguez Sanchez, Elisabeth Syk Lundberg 


Periconception, pregnancy and child outcomes




Fetal alpha 5-reductase Val89Leu mutation is associated with late miscarriage 
Beatriz Pérez-Nevot, Jose-Luis Royo, Miriam Cortés, Ana M. Lendínez, Arturo Reyes-Palomares, Ana-José Jiménez, Maximiliano Ruiz-Galdón, Armando Reyes-Engel 


Neurodevelopmental and cardiometabolic outcome in 4-year-old twins and singletons born after IVF 
Derk Kuiper, Anne Bennema, Sacha la Bastide-van Gemert, Jorien Seggers, Pamela Schendelaar, Maaike Haadsma, Annemieke Hoek, Maas-Jan Heineman, Mijna Hadders-Algra 


Dietary patterns and the phenotype of polycystic ovary syndrome: the chance of ongoing pregnancy 
Nicole A. Huijgen, Yvonne V. Louwers, Sten P. Willemsen, Jeanne H.M. de Vries, Régine P.M. Steegers-Theunissen, Joop S.E. Laven 

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