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Human Reproduction Table of Contents for February 2018

Human Reproduction

27 January 2018

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Human Reproduction Table of Contents for February 2018


Fertility preservation in women harboring deleterious BRCA mutations: ready for prime time? 
Fedro Alessandro Peccatori; Giorgia Mangili; Alice Bergamini; Francesca Filippi; Fabio Martinelli ... 



Human induced pluripotent stem cells and male infertility: an overview of current progress and perspectives 
Fang Fang; Zili Li; Qian Zhao; Honggang Li; Chengliang Xiong



Birthweight of singletons born after cleavage-stage or blastocyst transfer in fresh and warming cycles 
Anick De Vos; Samuel Santos-Ribeiro; Lisbet Van Landuyt; Hilde Van de Velde; Herman Tournaye ... 


Medical treatment or surgery for colorectal endometriosis? Results of a shared decision-making approach
Paolo Vercellini; Maria Pina Frattaruolo; Riccardo Rosati; Dhouha Dridi; Anna Roberto ... 


Safety of ovarian tissue transplantation in patients with borderline ovarian tumors 
Rossella Masciangelo; Chiara Bosisio; Jacques Donnez; Christiani A Amorim; Marie-Madeleine Dolmans

Development of a new comprehensive and reliable endometrial receptivity map (ER Map/ER Grade) based on RT-qPCR gene expression analysis 
M Enciso; J P Carrascosa; J Sarasa; P A Martínez-Ortiz; S Munné ... 

New application of dydrogesterone as a part of a progestin-primed ovarian stimulation protocol for IVF: a randomized controlled trial including 516 first IVF/ICSI cycles 
Sha Yu; Hui Long; Hannah Ya-ning Chang; Yali Liu; Hongyuan Gao ... 

Reduced live-birth rates after IVF/ICSI in women with previous unilateral oophorectomy: results of a multicentre cohort study 
Tekla Lind; Jan Holte; Jan I Olofsson; Nermin Hadziosmanovic; Johannes Gudmundsson ... 


Surrogacy families headed by gay men: relationships with surrogates and egg donors, fathers’ decisions over disclosure and children’s views on their surrogacy origins
Nicola Carone; Roberto Baiocco; Demetria Manzi; Chiara Antoniucci; Victoria Caricato ... 


Human-specific subcellular compartmentalization of P-element induced wimpy testis-like (PIWIL) granules during germ cell development and spermatogenesis 
Maria Gomes Fernandes; Nannan He; Fang Wang; Liesbeth Van Iperen; Cristina Eguizabal ... 

Adipose tissue-derived stem cells in a fibrin implant enhance neovascularization in a peritoneal grafting site: a potential way to improve ovarian tissue transplantation 
D D Manavella; L Cacciottola; C M Desmet; B F Jordan; J Donnez ... 

Endometrial stromal cell attachment and matrix homeostasis in abdominal wall endometriomas 
Hiroko Itoh; Haruta Mogami; Laurice Bou Nemer; Larry Word; David Rogers ... 


The direct and indirect effects of kisspeptin-54 on granulosa lutein cell function 
L A Owens; A Abbara; A Lerner; S O’floinn; G Christopoulos ... 

Aromatase inhibitor use during ovarian stimulation suppresses growth of uterine endometrial cancer in xenograft mouse model 
Tai Kawahara; Naoki Okamoto; Seido Takae; Megumi Kashiwagi; Mariko Nakajima... 


Maternal age at birth and daughters’ subsequent childlessness 
O Basso; C R Weinberg; A A D’Aloisio; D P Sandler

Gestational age-specific perinatal mortality rates for assisted reproductive technology (ART) and other births 
Abrar A Chughtai; Alex Y Wang; Lisa Hilder; Zhuoyang Li; Kei Lui ... 


New intronic Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 (FGFR1) mutation leading to disrupted splicing and Kallmann syndrome 
J Känsäkoski; K Vaaralahti; T Raivio

The epigenetic control of transposable elements and imprinted genes in newborns is affected by the mode of conception: ART versus spontaneous conception without underlying infertility 
C Choux; C Binquet; V Carmignac; C Bruno; C Chapusot ... 


Clinical trial registry alone is not adequate: on the perception of possible endpoint switching and P-hacking 
Micah J Hill; Matthew T Connell; George Patounakis

Reply: Clinical trial registry alone is not adequate: on the perception of possible endpoint switching and P-hacking 
Ali Abbara; Sophie Clarke; Rumana Islam; Julia K Prague; Alexander Comninos ... 


Corrigendum: COMPI Fertility Problem Stress Scales is a brief, valid and reliable tool for assessing stress in patients seeking treatment 
Maria P Sobral; Maria E Costa; Lone Schmidt; Mariana V Martins

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