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How to monitor pH dynamics to avoid negative effects on gamete/embryo development and function

Michael Simile

22 March 2016

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Click the link below to join IVF industry veteran Michael Simile on Wednesday March 30th at 11:30 Eastern Standard time for a webinar entitled, “How to monitor pH dynamics to avoid negative effects on gamete/embryo development and function.”


The 25 minute presentation will cover the following topics followed up by live questions and answers.

1. Optimal pHo vs. pHi:  How important is pHo in regards to the pHi? As a lab technician, should I worry about pHo? Human embryo pHi is ~7.1 (Phillips et al. 2000). How do I monitor the pHo and can we have any impact on the outcome?

2. CO2 vs. pH Measurements:  CO2 readings and measurements can differ widely depending on the method and the equipment used to measure CO2.  The question is always: Are all incubators CO2 readings reliable? Should every cell culture lab own a CO2 analyser?   How often should I measure the CO2? How often should I calibrate the CO2 sensor? These are very relevant questions that we will try to answer during our webinar.

3. The 3 phases of Media pH:  Is pHo a sample measurement or a measurement in time?  How should a lab handle these three phases and what are the important factors during measurement?

4. Measurements of pHo:  There are different ways and technologies to measure pHo, but what is the best and most reliable technology today to measure it? If any, what factors contribute to sustain the claim that there is a "best" technology?


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Date Added: 22 March 2016   Date Updated: 22 March 2016



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debotosh ganguly   05 August 2016
minutes of the presentation
i need the presentation minutes and the answers of those questions. kindly provide

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