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First baby born using BlueGnome’s 24sure single cell screening technology

Tony Gordon

BlueGnome Ltd

14 September 2009

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First baby born using BlueGnome’s 24sure single cell screening technology.

Working in collaboration with the world leading IVF centre, CARE Fertility (Nottingham UK), BlueGnome 24sure microarray technology has been used for the first time to successfully screen polar bodies for all 24 chromosomes and select a euploid (normal chromosome content) egg that resulted in a successful pregnancy.

Professor Simon Fishel, Managing Director of CARE Fertility Group said:

"Chromosomal abnormality plays a major part in the failure to establish a pregnancy. Full chromosome analysis may double the chance of success in couples who have a poor chance of conceiving or a history of failed treatments and miscarriage; and maximise the chance of pregnancy in all couples"

"Up to half of the eggs in younger women and up to 75% in women over 39 are chromosomally abnormal. 24sure technology can be used to screen eggs/or embryos in an IVF cycle, evaluate all the chromosomes and select the most chromosomally normal embryos."

The successful birth followed 13 previous failed IVF cycles and the mother was 41 years of age at the time of treatment. Eight eggs were tested using 24sure as part of a consented study and only two were found to be chromosomally normal. One of these led to the birth.

Dr Nick Haan, CEO BlueGnome said:

"BlueGnome is proud to be part of a process that has led to the birth of a child. 24sure technology has been developed specifically to analyse single cells for chromosomal aneuploidy and we believe that this technology may have a major future in pre-implantation genetic screening. However, it is important to emphasize that clinical data is still limited and carefully designed trials are required to properly assess efficacy of the technique."

24sure technology offers a number of important advantages including:

1. Accurate, reliable and sensitive determination of chromosomal aneuploidy as shown by independent (blinded) testing of cell lines and blastomeres with known abnormalities.

2. Robust analysis of multiple sample types including both haploid (polar body) and diploid (blastomere, trophoblast biopsy, cell lines).

3. Rapid 12hour protocol such that samples can processed within an IVF cycle, removing the requirement for freezing.

For further information, please contact

Tony Gordon, BlueGnome

Mobile Tel: +44 (0)7920269316 Office Tel: +44 (0)1223 844441


Cambridge, 8

th September 2009


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