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Fertility Consultant

Wessex Fertility

Southampton, United Kingdom

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Wessex Fertility

Wessex Fertility is part of the Fertility Partnership, which is one of the largest providers of IVF in the UK. Our clinics, our staff and our patients, benefit from the partnership and all the expertise within the group.

Key responsibilities as part of a clinical rota

  • To be skilled at initial consultations, review consultations, egg collections, embryo transfers, IUIs, trans-vaginal ultrasound scanning.
  • Participation in an on-call rota for out of hours queries
  • To be skilled in saline sonography / hycosy / endometrial biopsy procedures
  • To have ILS accreditation

Planning and organising

  • To assist with patient throughput between the clinic and its satellite services.
  • To assist with the clinical area resources, including staff, with a view to achieving the clinic’s objectives, and to ensure cost-effective work practices.

Operations management, compliance management, customer service and support

  • To assist patient management and service delivery by providing advice from the clinical perspective.
  • To develop and maintain systems and processes which ensure that the patients’ experience of the clinic is as good as possible. This involves the patients’ sense of care, control, value and cost in a broad sense.
  • To manage situations in the clinical area not covered by standard operating procedures.
  • To contribute to the holistic approach to patient care that the clinic endeavours to provide.
  • To take part in the rota of duties and to ensure cover in the clinical area.

Analysis and reporting

  • To regularly assess available statistics and clinical information in order to identify opportunities to improve the clinical services of the clinic.
  • To assist with devising action plans based on the analysis of data.


  • To ensure that communication and cooperation with other functional areas as well as The Fertility Partnership is effective.
  • To ensure that information to colleagues, patients, and the general public is accurate and appropriate within the area of responsibility.

Research, continuous improvement and quality management

  • To be involved in the planning, review, execution and reporting of research projects involving the clinical area and to ascertain regulatory compliance.
  • To take an active lead in identifying research and development opportunities/proposals in clinical areas.

Key Skills

  • An understanding of the biology and scientific evidence underpinning clinical practice
  • An understanding of the work of related discipline
  • An appropriate level of supervision and management skills
  • An understanding of prevailing legislation
  • An understanding of, and ability to apply, quality assurance and monitoring of clinical performance
Experience Required:  Qualifications and Experience - A medical degree recognised by the GMC - Full registration with the GMC - 2 years clinical experience
Closing Date:  Once position is filled
Reference Number: FERCON-WES

Contact: Recruitment
Wessex Fertility
Southampton, -, United Kingdom
Phone: 01865782857
Informal Enquiries: [email protected]ilitypartnership.com

Date Added: 10 January 2018       

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