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Evelyn De Martino

Full Name: Evelyn De Martino
Position Sought: Embryologist
Primary Language: Spanish
Address: Capital federal
Buenos Aires
Telephone: 54911 5455 8490
E-mail: Contact Evelyn
 Profile and objectives
I am a senior clinical embryologist with a 10-year career in reproductive centers. I have experience in all the laboratory techniques and in personnel leadership. I believe in facing every job with responsibility, commitment and dedication. I value multidisciplinary work and trust-based relationships.
  Main resume

My experience as a biologist includes wildlife and human reproduction, animal conservation projects, research and educational work. I face every job with responsibility, commitment and dedication. I am versatile, organized, proactive and good employee. I value multidisciplinary and team work.

I am a senior clinical embryologist with a 10-year career in embryology laboratories.


Career History:



PREGNA Reproductive Medicine  (≈2000 cases/year) 2013-Present



Senior Embryologist. Andrology laboratory coordinator. Oncofertility team. 2015- Present

Senior embryologist 2014-2015

Junior embryologist 2013-2014


(Skills list attached)


SEREMAS Medical centre (150  cases/year) 2010-2012



Junior embryologist


Bioandina Foundation - Buenos Aires Zoo  2004-2009



Coordinator of the team of volunteers 2006-2009

Volunteer in the incubation centre of wild birds from the zoological collection 2004-2006



Laboratory skills



Basic Spermogram. Intrauterine inseminations. Evaluation and processing of human semen samples (Swim up density gradients, filtering with Annexin V columns, tunnel Test).
Preparation and freezing/thawing of sperm (semen, TESE, MESA).

Tunnel assay analysis

Coordinate daily work.

High complexity

Egg collection, visualization of fertilization, embryonic classification, cultivation of embryos until day 6. Selection and embryo transfer. 




ICSI with ejaculate, TESE, MESA.

AHA: mechanical, acid, laser.

Embryo biopsy of day 3 and trophoectoderm on day 5/6.

Dry run by Igenomix USA to perform real cases.




Slow cryopreservation and thawing embryos at stages of pronuclei, day 2, day 3 and blastocyst.

Vitrification of oocytes, day 2, day 3 and blastocyst.




Quality controls.

Preparation of culture media.

Maintenance and monitoring of the integral functioning of the laboratory.

Monitoring of inputs and execution of purchases.



Communication, consultation and dialogue with the patients over the development of the case.

Daily communication with physicians involved.

Daily communication with my team work.



Preparation of laboratory reports.

Loading data in laboratory software.


External controls

PEEC. Andrology. Argentina biochemistry Foundation.

SAMER. Accreditation, annual reports.

RED LARA. Accreditation, annual reports.




Lic. Claudio Bisioli - Pregna Reproductive medicine 


Dr. Marcos Horton - Director of Pregna Reproductive medicine





Embryology certificate course. ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine). 2018

Dry Run Embryo biopsy for embryology validation. Igenomix 2017

Good Clinical Practices and Research. FECICLA, Argentina 2014

Ovarian Tissue Vitrification Workshop. Dr. Dalvit, UBA. 2014

Good Clinical Practice. Duke University Health System Clinical Education & Professional Development. Online course 2011

Hands On regional workshop in assisted reproduction techniques. RED LARA 2010

Reproduction Biology. SAMER. 2010


Personal details:

Born in Buenos Aires Argentina on December 28th.

Argentine passport with USA and Canadian VISA.

I live with my husband and daughter.

Interests and Hobbies:

Areal dance


Further Information:



 “Less is better: it is not necessary to score embryos every day”.

De Martino E, Papayannis M, Gómez Peña M, Terrado G, Kopcow L, Sobral F, Horton M, Bisioli C. (2018)

Poster 293 ASRM 2018, Denver, USA. Fert Steril Sept2018 Volume 110, Issue 4, Supplement, Page e224.


"Prediction of reproductive outcomes according to different serum levels of antimüllerian hormone in women undergoing intracytoplasmic sperm injection."

Brugo Olmedo S, De Vincentiis S, De Martino E, Bedecarrás P, Blanco AM, et al. (2013) PLoS ONE 8 (9): e75685. doi: 10.1371 / journal.pone.0075685.


"The use of oocytes with metaphase I matured in vitro increases the incidence of embryo multinucleation"

De Vincentiis, S; De Martino, E; Buffone, M and Brugo Olmedo, S. (2012) Fertil Steril. Volume 99, Issue 2, Pages 414-421.e4.


"Assisted Reproduction Laboratory Procedures Protocol"

De Vincentiis, S; De Martino, E and Brugo Olmedo, S. (2012). Diagnosis and therapy in gynecological and reproductive endocrinology. SAEGRE Ediciones Magazine Book.


“Seasonality in the home range and displacement of an Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) in Santa Cruz, Argentina”

De Martino, E., Astore, V. Mena, M. Jácome, L. (2011). Neotropical Ornithology 22: 161–172.




"Analysis of the embryo cohort before day 3 embryo transfer: clinical results according to percentage of good quality embryos"

De Martino E, Gómez Peña M, Papayannis M, Horton M, Terrado G, Maidana J, Filardi P, Bisioli C. (2019). I  Argentina Congress of the Argentine Society of Clinical Embryology (SAEC). Oral presentation.


“Tail Flexibility Test in a case of absolute asthenozoospermia”

De Martino E, García Martin C, Maidana J, Passi N, Gómez Peña M, Bisioli C. (2018). Revista Reproducción Vol 33 2018; Supp 1 P-15: 37.


“It is not necessary to evaluate the embryonic morphology every day”

De Martino E, Papayannis M, Gómez Peña M, Kopcow L, Terrado G, Bisioli C. (2018). Revista Reproducción Vol 33 2018; Suplemento 1 P-4: 33.


“Presence of residual somatic cells in the oocytes and their influence on ICSI results”

De Martino E, Passi N, Papayannis M, Serna J, Sobral F, Gómez Peña M.(2017). Revista Reproducción; Vol 32 17-21.


“Fresh vs. deferred transfers in an egg donation program”

Gómez Peña M, Gonzalez A, Papayannis M, De Martino E, Bianchi M, Terrado G. (2016). Revista Reproducción Vol 31 2016; Suplemento 1 O: LE 82: 41.


“Egg donation program: results with fresh and vitrified oocytes”

Gómez Peña M, Papayannis M, De Martino E, Terrado G, Horton M, Bisioli C. (2016) Revista Reproducción Vol 31 2016; Suplemento 1 O: ART VARIOS 42: 27.


"Experience in elective blastocyst transfer and its obstetric results”

Demarco A, Papayannis M, Oubiña A, Gómez Peña M, De Martino E, Horton M. (2016) Revista Reproducción Vol 31 2016; Suplemento 1 O:LE 45: 28.


“Post-denudation residual cells and their influence in ICSI results”

De Martino E, Passi N, Papayannis M, Serna J, Sobral F, Gómez Peña M. (2016) Revista Reproducción Vol 31 2016; Suplemento 1 P 23: 20.


"Fertilization and ovocyte degeneration with different ICSI micropipettes"

De Martino E, Serna J, Grand Martin C, De Zúñiga I, Oubiña A, Papayannis M. (2016) XVII Argentine Congress of Reproductive Medicine. Oral Presentation.


“Experience in elective blastocyst single transfer and its morphological analysis”

Papayannis, M; Demarco, A; Oubiña, A; Gómez Peña, M; De Martino, E; Horton, M.(2015) Revista Reproducción 2015; Vol 30 No 3.


"Influence of the number of oocytes captured on the fertilization rate and the evolutionary clinical pregnancy”

De Martino E, Bisioli C, Gomez Peña M, Van Thillo G, Garcea M, Terrado G. (2014) XVI Argentine Congress of Reproductive Medicine. POSTER.


“Study of home range and seasonality in juvenile specimens of Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) released in Río Negro, Argentina”

De Martino, E., Astore, V., Mena, M., Jácome, L. (2009). XIII Argentine Meeting of Ornithology. POSTER.


“Assistance to the reproduction of the Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus): Artificial incubation”

De Martino, E., Polleri, P., Astore, V., Jácome, L. (2008) First days of research and assistance to animal reproduction” Faculty of veterinary sciences. POSTER.




Speaker at “IX Biannual Training Course in gynecological and reproductive endocrinology”. SAEGRE. 2015


Speaker in course "Reproductive Medicine" SOGBA. Topic: Laboratories of low and high complexity. 2011


Speaker in "Second Interdisciplinary Course of Andrology", organized by SAA, SAU and SAB. 2010.


Speaker at the "II Course on wildlife management and conservation in the Great Argentina Chaco" Formosa, Argentina. 2007.

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