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Eva Ulehlova,MS, ELD(ABB)

Full Name: Eva Ulehlova,MS, ELD(ABB)
Position Sought: senior per diem embryologist/andrologist-utilize my 30 years of USA IVF laboratory experience - locum, per diem embryology services, management,CAP accreditation, CLIA, FDA, tissue bank, quality improvement, laboratory regulations,
Primary Language:
Address: San Francisco
United States
Telephone: 4152775656
E-mail: Contact Eva
 Profile and objectives
Per diem embryologist/lab director/
  Main resume


San Francisco, CA



Utilize the 30 years of extensive laboratory experience as a Senior Embryologist/Manager/Laboratory Director in a cutting edge laboratory/offering CAP accreditation by USA strict laboratory standards


My value:

Flexible, dedicated, excited, experienced, offering strong management support, hard worker, quick learner, energetic, self starter, caring, competent, seeking out new technologies, keeping up with continuing education, teacher, a leader by example.


Experience Summary: 

Extensive clinical laboratory experience

1. Oversee daily clinical laboratory operations, coordinate personnel activities and monitor workload. Delegate and oversee staff assignments.

2. Excellent communication skills with patients, collaborate with clinical staff and physicians including strong supervisory and leadership skills, project management skills and communication skills. Work both independently and as part of a team demonstrating excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
3. Hire resource staff and handle performance evaluations, disciplinary action, layoffs and terminations as required. Schedule, train and supervise personnel, including cross training to provide backup capabilities.

4. Oversee and as required perform technical procedures related to the cell culture of human embryos. Perform a variety of cutting edge biotechnological procedures involving ICSI, TESE, assisted hatching, blastocyst culture, embryo freezing and thawing, egg vitrification, embryo biopsy, PGD day 3 and day5,6.

5. Supervise technologists and perform all aspects of andrology, endocrinology testing. Ensure the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of record keeping including: schedules, log books,  records of user activity, supply inventories, equipment use and maintenance and monthly billing.

6. Maintain Tissue Bank documentation, CAP, CLIA to be compliant with federal regulations and for federal audits. Write, review and approve documents such as records, SOPs, and validation reports.

7. Follow and enforce good tissue practice guidelines HC/TTP as mandated by recent FDA regulations. Familiar with FDA tissue regulations and experience with process, equipment qualification and validation.
8. Interface with quality control, quality assurance and regulatory affairs to comply with established policies. Coordinate product testing, product release for use in the laboratory.  Oversee instruction and training of other laboratory technicians in cell culture, ICSI, TESE, assisted hatching and other SOP’s and laboratory policies.
9. Monitor and maintain equipment and coordinate annual lab shut-down for calibration, repairs and maintenance.

10. Plan with senior staff/physicians in determining long-term goals, laboratory needs and in setting operating policies. Maintain cost effectiveness and usefulness of the laboratory; work with senior leadership to develop annual resource budget and strategic plans.

11. Design, implement new laboratory procedures to stay abreast with a constantly changing field of IVF laboratory procedures to stay competitive with the best programs.



San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA                                                     Dec. 2003

  • MS Clinical Sciences concentration Immunology

Master’s thesis in Embryology (Embryo Cryopreservation)


Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA                                                            1985-1989

  • BS Biological Science- Concentration in Medical Technology and

Public Health Microbiology


University of California- Davis School of Medical Technology                     1989-1990                    Sacramento, CA   

  • Medical Technology Internship




California Clinical Laboratory Scientist license # MTA 38674                                   1991

Hawaii Clinical Laboratory Scientist license #4322                                                         2004

ASCP- Medical Technologist                                                                                         1991

ABB- Technical Supervisor (embryology)                                                                        1996

ABB- Moderate Complexity Laboratory Director                                                              1996

ABB- Embryology Laboratory Director (SART qualified)                                    2003

EMB- American College of Embryology                                                                          2011





Work Experience:


  • IVFLABCONSULTANT, LLC                             2007-present

owner,  president

Per Diem embryology services, full ART laboratory services, consultation, new IVF and andrology laboratory set-up, new procedure development, staff hire, retention and training, regulatory affairs. Prepare laboratory for initial CAP certification as part of SART membership, CA Tissue bank licensure, FDA licensure and regulations, CLIA regulations,  implement quality control, quality assurance, quality improvement processes.




                   Current Positions:


1.Senior Embryologist/Embryology Lab Director                                  

Per Diem full service IVF laboratory and embryology services

IVF laboratory manager and laboratory director

Monterey, California                                                      2013 Jan-present     


2.Off-site ELD(ABB) Laboratory Director, Manager, CLS technical supervisor

IVF CENTER, IRVINE, CA                                                        2011-present

Off Site embryology laboratory director, Manager, senior per-diem Embryologist,     CLS technical supervisor


3.Off-site ELD(ABB) Laboratory Director, Manager, CLS technical supervisor

      CACRM, Encinitas, CA                                                              2010-present

Contract per-diem embryology services, new IVF and andrology lab set-up, initial CAP accreditation and follow up, FDA, CLIA, CA Tissue Bank Certification, SART.  All embryology services associated with full service IVF.  Prepare laboratory for initial CAP certification as part of SART membership, CA Tissue bank licensure, FDA licensure and regulations, implement quality control, quality assurance, quality improvement processes. Laboratory certification and set-up, equipment set-up, purchase, validation and calibration, staff hire/supervision. New procedure implementation and development.  Routine embryology work including ICSI, assisted hatching, PGS, vitrification, andrology service and supervision, Tese.    


Past positions:


Senior Embryologist, Per Diem                                  

Per Diem full service IVF laboratory  and embryology services

New staff andrology and embryology training

Barbados, West Indies                                                         2012April-Dec


      Senior Embryologist, Per Diem/IVF lab manager and supervisor                                 

Per Diem full service new IVF laboratory set up and embryology services

      Westlake IVF, Austin, TX                                                        2011-2012


Laboratory Director, Manager,  Senior Embryologist, CLS technical supervisor

East Bay Fertility Center, Inc. Dublin, CA                                                  2008-2009

Contract per-diem embryology services, new IVF lab build-out and set-up, CAP, FDA, CLIA, CA Tissue Bank Certification.  Embryology, Andrology, Medical Technology services associated with full service IVF.  Prepare laboratory for initial CAP certification, CA Tissue bank, FDA regulations, implement quality control, quality assurance, quality improvement processes. Routine embryology work including ICSI, assisted hatching, slow freeze, vitrification, embryo biopsy, andrology, Tese.   


Senior Embryologist, Andrologist, CLS

Pacific IVF Clinic, Honolulu, HI                                                                        2008

IVF Clinical Laboratory Staffing-Per Diem Contract on-call embryology services,  Embryology, Andrology  services associated with full service IVF. Routine embryology work including ICSI, assisted hatching, slow freeze, vitrification, andrology, Tese.          


North Bay Fertility Center, INC, Greenbrae, Santa Rosa, CA   2000-2007

IVF Laboratory Supervisor, Laboratory Supervisor and Manager

Oversee daily operations in IVF laboratory, Andrology and endocrinology laboratory.      Supervise a full service IVF laboratory. Design and implement new IVF laboratory procedures, protocols in the IVF laboratory. Perform all hands-on embryology, cell culture, micromanipulation, cryopreservation, andrology testing. Prepare laboratories for CAP inspections, CA Tissue Bank, FDA regulations, SART; implement quality control, quality assurance.  Responsibilities include supervising, managing and co-directing two IVF CAP accredited laboratories. 


Pacific Fertility Center, San Francisco, CA                                         1991-1999

                 IVF Laboratory Technical Supervisor/Laboratory Manager (1994-1999)

Embryologist, Andrologist, Medical Technologist (1991-1994)

Oversee daily operations of IVF laboratory with up to 1,000 IVF cases, 150  

 FET cases yearly. Supervision of onsite Andrology Laboratory and Endocrinology Laboratory.      Work along – side Dr. Frank Barnes, PhD, David Gardner, PhD perfecting new technologies available in IVF laboratory such as blastocyst culture, blastocyst freezing, IVM, ICSI, TESE. Staff  training on new procedures, hands-on embryology, oocyte identification, cell culture, embryo cryopreservation, ICSI,  TESE, MESA, assisted hatching, andrology, semen analysis, hormone testing. Instrumental in initial CAP accreditation, CLIA, CA State Certification and Tissue Bank.

Sacramento Blood Center, Sacramento, CA                                    1990-1991

Histocompatibility Technologist/CLS

Perform daily testing in a full service HLA laboratory. Perform histocompatibility testing on potential kidney transplant recipients/donors, bone marrow registry HLA typing. Follow established protocols and perform quality control and quality assurance associated with histocompatibility laboratory.


Courses and New technologies:

Preimplantation Genetics Diagnosis Biopsy D3/D5/D6                                              2003-2015
Vitrification oocyte/embryo Seminars/Dr Kuwyama egg vitrification                        2006-2015

CAP Inspector Certification                                                                                         

Career History:
Personal details:
Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

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