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Beacon CARE Fertility (BCF)

Dublin, Ireland

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Job Purpose
Essential provider of consistent and high standard clinical Assisted Reproductive Technologies services to the Beacon CARE Fertility.

Must be of good character.

The individual must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the post and be in a state of health, that would indicate the ability to render regular and efficient service.

Essential Qualifications
The Embryologist must possess a diploma, degree or other evidence of a formal qualification in the field of Medical or Biological Science.

The Embryologist must have IVF laboratory experience and techniques with experience in aspects of the field of clinical embryology, including IVF, ICSI, cryopreservation of gametes and embryos.

Desirable Qualifications
Member of ACE or other relevant Embryology body

Essential Experience
2 years post qualification experience

Desirable Experience
Blastocyst biopsy and time lapse monitoring

Essential Knowledge/Skills
The Embryologist must be fully aware of the relevant scientific, medical, ethical and legal nature of the field of assisted human reproduction.

The Embryologist must be fully aware of all protocols and procedures relating to the procurement, donation, testing, preservation, processing, storage and distribute of Tissues and cells.

The Embryologist must be computer literate, with a demonstrable working knowledge and experience of data handling, manipulation and presentation

The Embryologist must have full knowledge of all relevant national and European regulations, and their implications, both clinically and legally including SI 158 of 2006 and SI 598 of 2007.

The Embryologist must have the ability to work as a team leader and as a member of a team, in a clinical assisted reproduction laboratory setting.

The Embryologist must have good communication and technical writing skills in the English language and good interpersonal skills.  An understanding of the need to be compassionate and sympathetic in providing care to all clients, given the difficulties and stresses associated with fertility treatment.

An Embryologist must have good planning and organisational skills.

Desirable Knowledge / Skills
Good communication skills
Ability to work as part of a team
Ability to work on own initiative

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
The principal duties and responsibilities of an Embryologist shall include:

  • To work as part of a team responsible for providing consistent high standard Assisted Reproductive Technologies services to Beacon CARE Fertility.
  • To be knowledgeable in, and ensure compliance with, the requirements of SI 158 of 2006 and SI 598 of 2007.
  • To implement all relevant embryology, laboratory and all other SOP’s approved through the Beacon CARE Fertility Quality Management System.
  • To suggest procedural changes for subsequent discussion, approval and implementation within BCF.
  • To ensure that the highest quality, up to date and appropriate treatment options are available to our patients founded upon sound academic knowledge, extensive in-house and vocational training, continually updated via a CPD programme, journal reviews, conference attendance and membership of professional bodies.
  • To make treatment recommendations based upon test results, and intermediate recommendations during treatment.
  • To document informed consent from the patient to specific laboratory procedures.
  • To review Viral Screen results to ensure they meet the requirements in accordance with legislation.
  • To be responsible for daily patient specific decisions, such as assessing embryo fate i.e. transfer, cryopreservation, disposal.
  • To ensure the security of the embryology laboratory.
  • To be jointly responsible with the Laboratory Manager for the training of junior embryologists.
  • The ordering and inspection of critical laboratory consumables, including media and donor sperm.
  • Appropriate and effective utilisation and supervision of the laboratory systems, including Electronic Witnessing Systems and the Eltek Alarm System.
  • Conveying complex, scientific information to patients in an appropriate manner.
  • To participate in execution of trials and research projects when required.
  • Participation and completion of further education courses as required by Beacon CARE Fertility.
  • To support the Laboratory Manager in the management of laboratory equipment.
  • To complete other laboratory-based activities deemed relevant and necessary by the Laboratory Manager.
  • An Embryologist must show flexibility in relation to work schedules and rota and must organise and implement these.
  • Participation in the emergency on call service and weekend work is required.
Closing Date:  Once position is filled

Contact: Treasa Meehan
Beacon CARE Fertility (BCF)
2nd Floor, Beacon Consultants Concourse, Beacon Court
Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353 1 2932955
Applications: Online Submission Link

Date Added: 14 June 2019    

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