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IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic LLC

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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IVI Middle East currently has two clinics in Abu Dhabi and Muscat and a satellite clinic in Dubai. We are planning to add additional clinics in Al Ain (2018)  Kuwait, Dubai and possibly Saudi Arabia.

Each of our Labs have a team of embryologists. In Abu Dhabi we have 6 embryologists and 2 technicians whilst the Muscat Clinic has 2 embryologists and we are currently looking to add one more embryologist.

In 2017 the Abu Dhabi clinic undertook 950 OPUs and the Muscat clinic undertook 150 OPUs. We expect the two combined clinics to undertake ~1700 OPUs in 2018. We currently do PGS on ~60% of our cases.

The position of the IVF Lab Director will  oversee all of the clinics   as well as undertake Research and Publication activities under the guidance of Prof. Dr Human Fatemi.

The position will pay € 10-15,000 per month in salary, depending upon the qualifications and experience in addition to medical insurance and gratuity.

Experience Required:  Required Skills and experience :10+ hands on experience in the lab including undertaking ICSI, Biopsy and all IVF related procedures. Manage a team of embryologists, set up training protocols and programs, design of labs and maintenance/calibration of equipment etc.
Education Required:  PhD in Embryology is a MUST.
Salary:  Competitive salary, commensurate with experience.
Closing Date:  Once position is filled

Contact: Lakshmi Narasimman R
IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic LLC
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Informal Enquiries:
Website: http://www.ivivf.com
Applications: Online Submission Link

Date Added: 08 February 2018       

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