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Deputy Sperm Bank Manager

London Sperm Bank

London, United Kingdom

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JD Healthcare LTD is the holding company of the well established and expanding healthcare services of London Women’s Clinic, London Sperm Bank and London Egg Bank and accredited with clinics in London, South Wales and the North-East of England.

London Sperm Bank, established in 2010, is the largest UK supplier of donor sperm to patients undergoing assisted reproduction treatment at all licensed HFEA clinics across the UK. The successful candidate will be a sales/marketing minded individual with fantastic communication skills, both verbal and written. This is a fantastic opportunity for somebody to play an active role in the success of our clinic, to drive results and provide an excellent client service to our patients.

Job Description


  1. Working closely with Laboratory Manager and Centre Manager to ensure streamlining of processes is achieved as well as monthly targets maintained.
  2. To help lead and be responsible for a team of Andrologists directed by Laboratory Manager, delegating where required.
  3. To help in training new staff members at the LSB in accordance with competency framework.
  4. To be responsible for the day-to-day practice and laboratory work for the London Sperm Bank.
  5. To offer evidence-based practice and service that is of a high quality, efficient and resource effective.
  6. To ensure with the rest of the LSB team that a service of agreed quality is provided within the clinical governance framework and HFEA compliant.
  7. To perform practical andrology procedures as required.
  8. To take active steps to understand the recruitment process for all potential/current sperm donors.
  9. To ensure all required audits are maintained and kept up to date in line with the audit schedule, regularly reporting outcomes to relevant departments within JDH.
  10. Working closely with the Donor Coordinator to organise appropriate allocation of amps for external orders and prepare amps for safe transfer of shipments.
  11. Working closely with external centres to organise allocation of amps for external orders and prepare amps for the safe transfer of shipments.
  12. To organise appropriate allocation of amps for external orders and co-ordinate this with courier services for andrology patients.
  13. To offer appropriate advice and support to patients and clinical teams regarding sperm use, results, storage and procurement.
  14. To identify areas for development within the scope of practice, to enhance patient care and donor bookings and retention.
  15. To take an active interest in the journal club, new technologies and literature in order to implement enhancements to current laboratory practices.
  16. To play an active role in the daily administration tasks as dictated by HFEA regulation and lab protocols.
  17. To keep Laboratory Manager informed of any areas of concern and/or positive development on a regular basis.
  18. To be responsible for continued practice in accordance with the HFEA code of practice.
  19. To act in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct for HPC registered professionals.
  20. To actively participate in development, implementation and evaluation of new ideas, that will   benefit the clinic and/or patient.

Job knowledge

  1. Relevant LWC forms, SOPs and information.
  2. To be aware of and implement the ambassadorial aspect of the post.
  3. Computer literate in the relevant database(s) e.g. IDEAS/enquiry tracker/I Match.
Closing Date:  Once position is filled

Contact: Natalie Lacome
London Sperm Bank
One St Thomas Street
London, United Kingdom
Informal Enquiries:
Applications: Online Submission Link

Date Added: 21 May 2021    

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