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Daniel Domenech Mataix

Full Name: Daniel Domenech Mataix
Position Sought: Embryologist
Primary Language: Spanish
Address: San Vicente del Raspeig
Telephone: +34 606416745
E-mail: Contact Daniel
 Profile and objectives
I define myself as a pro-active person that wants to consider the fertility as a whole project from the very basic level to a clinical perspective, and I really like to work as a part of a team with open-minded people that lead to high quality clinical job.
  Main resume

As an embryologist I perform daily the main techniques that are carried out within a reproduction laboratory such as ICSI, IVF, preparations of seminal samples (swim-up or density gradients), location and isolation of complex cumulus-corona-oocytes, oocyte denudation, transfers, vitrification of both oocytes and embryos and Assisted Hatching (using a laser). For this experience and another series of training courses that, as you can see, are on my resume, I think it could be considered of interest.


Career History:

- 2019: Embryologist in UR group (Spain). 

- 2017: Molecular biologist in Karolinska Institute, Sweden.


I have worked in Spain in the private sector, working in Unidad de reproduccion hospital HLA la vega (UR group), in Murcia, Spain, a clinic with more than 800 cycles per year (2019).  


I completed my Biology studies at the University of Alicante, followed by two Master’s degree one in molecular biology (University of Granada, 2017) and the other in Human Fertility and genetics (University of Miguel Hernandez Elche, 2019). 

Personal details:

If you consider it appropriate, I would like to keep an interview with you at your best convenience and be able to personally expand the information I send you. For this you can find me by email

Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

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