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Carmen Pacios

Full Name: Carmen Pacios
Position Sought: Trainee Embryologist
Primary Language: Spanish / English
Address: Valencia
Telephone: +34667365729
E-mail: Contact Carmen
 Profile and objectives
MSc in Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction (IVIRMA). 3 month clinical experience in IVF lab and 1 year administrative experience in e-learning in the field of human reproduction. Currently looking for a trainee embryologist position to be fully trained in IVF procedures and ultimately work as a clinical embryologist. Willing to relocate.
  Main resume

To whom it may concern,

I completed my BSc in Biomedical Sciences at University of Barcelona and I recently concluded my MSc in Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction at IVIRMA - University of Valencia. With this solid knowledge in the field, I consider that I would be an ideal candidate for a position of trainee/junior embryologist.

During my university studies, I developed a keen interest in human reproduction and embryology and after completing my master’s degree and 3-month internship at IVI Valencia fertility clinic, I am actively looking for a position that allows me to increase my experience regarding IVF laboratory procedures and therefore enhance my skills as a clinical embryologist.

Also interested in research, I have experience in basic research as I benefited from an Erasmus+ practicum scholarship at the Embryology and Anatomy Department at Leiden University Medical Center, where I worked with human trophoblasts to study the methylation pattern of various genes.

In addition, I developed my bachelor degree’s thesis at University of Barcelona. There, I acquired experience in neuroblastoma cell culture under sterile conditions.

Moreover, I developed my master’s thesis at IVIRMA Valencia fertility clinic, exploring the predictive value of different morphokinetic variables to determine embryo ploidy, using time-lapse technology.

Furthermore, I have presented a scientific review about the role of assisted human reproduction techniques on embryo epigenetics as poster communication in the 2019 Epigenetics and Bioengineering International Conference by AIChE.

As for my clinical experience, I have been a trainee embryologist for 3 months at IVI Valencia. I worked hands-on independently with discarded material (abnormal embryos, germinal vesicles…) performing ICSI, vitrification and thawing; as well as evaluation of embryos (conventional evaluation under the microscope and with time-lapse systems), and I was able to attend embryo transfers and observe embryo biopsies, tubing and egg collections.

During my rotation on the andrology laboratory, I was able to perform spermiograms, freeze and thaw sperm samples and prepare samples for in vitro fertilisation and inseminations, as well as carry out other techniques such as MACS, and observe testicular biopsies.

On a personal level, I consider myself a fast-learner, responsible and organized person; able to work independently but also a team player, capable of building strong relationships and creating a pleasant environment to work in.

I am highly motivated for this position, and I am confident that I meet the criteria for your consideration in terms of my personal and academic competencies. I believe that I would be an asset to your institution and would very much appreciate this opportunity to embark on my professional career as a clinical embryologist.


Carmen Pacios




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