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Beyond the Webinar - IVF in the Time of Conflict

International IVF Initiative

25 March 2022

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Beyond the Webinar - IVF in the Time of Conflict

Welcome to this episode of the I3 podcast where we go Beyond the Webinar, and we continue our focus on UKRAINE here at the International IVF Initiative.

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We’ve been following the amazing efforts of three Ukrainian embryologists and their teams to safely move frozen gametes and embryos out of UKRAINE and if you haven’t heard the previous episode do go back and have a listen

First up you’ll hear the pre-meeting chat with Dr. Jacques Cohen and Giles Palmer from I3 and panelists Dr. Pavlo Mazur, Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva, Olena Novikova and Dr. Olga Chaplia 

What was discussed: 

  • What to do from the embryologist aspect, what do you do as a cynic and how to you prepare for tomorrow, next week, next year.
  • The gravity of the situation - this has never happened to embryologists before. 
  • Perception of people in Ukraine people not being treated like other Western counties - treated like white trash. 
  • Why Ukrainian clinics have flourished over the years, talented staff, high education level in Ukraine, lot of interest in Biology and Medicine. 
  • Why does this not happen in Hungary or Poland which are EU countries 
  • How easy it is to import instruments for IVF such as time-lapse machines or disposables
  • How almost all clinics are privately owned - not regulated by the government so they can petition for money to be spent to stay up to date. 
  • Discussion about clinics in the US in comparison 
  • Tim Sharpe - Conflict expert talks about appearance of Dewers could raise alarm with military personnel at the Border. 
  • The enormous global response to what has happened to these Ukraininan embryologists who have been displaced by the conflict and a huge uptake from industry leaders to help this highly skilled group find jobs. 
  • How sister clinics and those in neighbouring countries have been reaching out to help, and patent support has been maintained, despite clinics having to close.  

The recording from this session will be available here

Watch the previous session with Tim Sharpe

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