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Beatriz Domingues

Full Name: Beatriz Domingues
Position Sought: Trainee / Junior Embryologist
Primary Language: Portuguese, English
Address: Moimenta da Beira
Telephone: 913063010
E-mail: Contact Beatriz
 Profile and objectives
Looking for an opportunity to be part of a team and show and improve my skills in the Andrology and Embryology laboratories.
  Main resume

Licenciate degree in Biology (3 years).

Masters degree in Molecular Biology (2 years).

I was a student intern in a fertility clinic where I learned all the basic procedures of Andrology and Embryology (12 months). 

I worked in a fertility clinic where I became fully capable of performing all the Andrology procedures and had supervised training in Embryology (4 months).

Career History:
Personal details:
Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

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