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101. Zona free 2PN

Zona free 2PN Details:
According to Gianoroli et al (2003) A3 beta grading NOT:19 May?s Bayram?nm?z kutlu olsun.

Submitted by:
Views: 5394

102. Mono PN with isolated sperm in a vacuole

Mono PN with isolated sperm in a vacuole Details:
Mono PN with isolated sperm in a vacuole

Submitted by:
Koray YILDIZ - Aysin AKINCI - Cihan GOKTAS
Views: 4408

103. 2 PN zygote and GV egg in one zona pellucida

2 PN zygote and GV egg in one zona pellucida Details:
Normally fertilized egg with two PN in left side of z.p. and in the other side - totally imature egg at GV stage , derived from one follicule. After denudation 18h post conventional IVF procedure

Submitted by:
Tanya Milachich
Views: 8806

104. Zeta potential of sperm

Zeta potential of sperm Details:
The mature sperm cell has a negative "zeta" electropotential after acquiring epididymal proteins and sticks to the surface at the: (1) acrosome tip (2) postacrosome (3) midpiece (4) tailtip or (5) ent

Submitted by:
Professor Philip J. Chan
Views: 7340

105. 2 PN zygotes without nucleoli

2 PN zygotes without nucleoli Details:
This patient had 26 M2 oocytes in the OPU. The fertilization rate is 77%. 11/20 of the fertilized zygotes had no nucleoli. 2 had very small nucleoli. 

Submitted by:
Koray Yildiz- Cihan Halicigil
Views: 4619

106. name it

name it Details:
day 2

Submitted by:
alok teotia
Views: 4874

107. Day 3

Day 3 Details:
ICSI Embryo

Submitted by:
Alok Teotia
Views: 4292

108. Normal spermatozoon

Normal spermatozoon Details:
Normal spermatozoon under Scanning electron microscopy.(Magnification:12,000x.)      

Submitted by:
Hasan Burjaq ,MT (BGS)
Views: 5393

109. Zona-free fertilized oocyte

Zona-free fertilized oocyte Details:
Second polar body extrusion and pronuclear formation following ICSI in a zona-free human oocyte.

Submitted by:
Navid Esfandiari, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Views: 4908

110. Apoptosis in Hatching blastocyst

Apoptosis in Hatching blastocyst Details:
Confocal photomicrograph of mouse hatching blastocyst stained for apoptosis (? 400, original magnification). The embryo is labeled with bisbenzimide, terminal deoxynucleotide transferase (TdT)?mediate

Submitted by:
Navid Esfandiari, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Views: 4722

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