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Position Sought: EMBRYOLOGIST
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Address: Pune
Telephone: 9284196408
E-mail: Contact APARAJITA
 Profile and objectives
A post graduate in Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Repreoduction from University of Dundee, with experience in Embryology procedures including Laser Assisted hatching. Seeking for opportunities in India as well as overseas.
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Aparajita Kulkarni
Embryologist with 2 and half years of hands on experience of all embryology procedures such as ICSI,
cryopreservation of gametes, Thawing and Laser Assisted hatching of embryos with an analytical and
research oriented approach.

Pune, India

Full Professional Proficiency
Full Professional Proficiency
Native or Bilingual Proficiency
MSc Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception – University of Dundee,
Scotland (2016-17)
MSc Biotechnology –
University of Pune
BSc Biotechnology –
University of Pune


09/2017 – Present
Embrio IVF Centre
Perform Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) - IVF, ICSI, IUI & D-IUI.
Perform Embryo transfer (ET), Embryo vitrification and thawing.
Insemination of oocytes assessing the embryos from Zygote grading (Day 1) until Day 3 or
Blastocyst stage (Day 5).
Oocyte cryopreservation and perform IVF/ICSI on oocyte thawing
Andrology procedures: Perform DNA fragmentation, Semen analysis, Semen sample preparation
using Differential gradients, Semen cryopreservation.
Training entry level technician and visiting interns for Andrology and ICSI machine alignment.
Quality control of lab equipment/ CO2 & O2 incubators.
Counselling the patients for the procedures to be carried out during assisted conception
treatment & Record keeping of the patients with on-going and completed treatment.
Biochemical pregnancy outcome: Fresh ICSI cycle (60%) & Frozen embryo transfer (70%)
Embryo cleavage rate: ICSI fresh cycle (75%) & Frozen embryo transfer [Blastocyst formation (65%)]

04/2016 – 08/2016
Research Assistant
National Toxicology Centre
Assigning study animals for the sub-acute toxicology studies.
Animal handling, animal dosing (Intravenous injection, oral dosage, Intramuscular injection.)
Bone/muscle implantation, dissection of study animals used for toxicology testing with different materials and preparing organs for histochemical examination.
Toxicology Report making for the study animals depending on the Histochemical and
Biochemical examinations.
Assessing reproducibility and variability of the Sperm Class Analyzer (SCA V) for
concentration analysis compared to the Conventional manual method (Improved
Neubauer Haemocytometer)
Sperm Class Analyzer (SCA V) setting up for validation of the machine to check the reproducibility and
consequently the reliability of the results produced. Semen sample preparations for every sample analysed on the
CASA machine and Neubauer Haemocytometer.

Result: Improved Neubauer Haemocytometer gives reliable results than the results produced by the SCA V CASA machine.

Isolation of Plasmids from the bacterial cultures with water as source, detecting
Biofilm production from the strains and multi-drug resistance.
Handling of bacterial cultures and sub-culturing the previous isolates. Use of ELISA technique for detecting the biofilm formation for the unidentified bacterial strains. Result: The unidentified bacterial isolates used for
plasmid isolation showed the ability of biofilm formation and multi- drug resistance along with plasmid isolates, thus showing relation that the plasmid might carry genes responsible for resistance to the drugs and formation of Biofilms.
Isolation of the protein Keratinase from degraded Chicken feathers by bacterial strain
Introduction to the use of bacterial strain for the isolation of certain enzymes. Protein purification from the degraded chicken feathers.

Result: The protein isolated was further identified by junior students from Dept. of
Biotechnology Fergusson College, Pune.

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