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Aleksei Kozhin

Full Name: Aleksei Kozhin
Position Sought: Embryologist
Primary Language: Russian
Address: Novosibirsk
Russian Federation
Telephone: +79139489698
E-mail: Contact Aleksei
 Profile and objectives
An experienced and efficient embryologist, with background in ART technologies, laboratory management, staff teaching and training, troubleshooting. 13 years of experience in ART procedures, laboratory management and lab layout designing.
  Main resume

Chief advisor on ART, Head of ART laboratory, embryologist.

Perfomed over 2600 fresh and 1300 frozen-thawed cycles, and supervised over 10000 fresh and 5000 frozen-thawed cycles. Taught 9 embryologists and 4 lab technicians from elementary level to skilled professionals. Planned laboratory development from 100 to 1300 OPUs per year.

Career History:

Oct 2016-present – Mat’ I Ditya – Sibir (Mother and Child – Siberia) – Chief advisor on ART

March 2012-present – Avicenna, Head of ART laboratory

Oct 2003-present – Avicenna, embryologist


Chief advisor on ART:

- standardization of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) protocols in a group of clinics;

- disposable materials market analysis and purchase planning;

- evaluation of staff training and education schedules;

- teaching and training new staff;

- data collection for the ART efficiency register;

- ART laboratory troubleshooting.

Head of ART laboratory:

- laboratory general management;

- quality control and troubleshooting;

- staff performance control and improvement;

- staff teaching and training;

- donor sperm bank creation and maintenance;

- donor embryos bank maintenance;

- organization of HIV-positive patients IVF treatment;

- culture media and disposable materials testing, market analysis and purchase planning;

- planning of the new IVF department construction: terms of reference, control of construction process;

- equipment purchase planning;


- In Vitro Fertilization;

- Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI);

- Hyaluronan-bound sperm collection (PICSI);

- Embryo cryopreservation (“slow” freezing);

- Embryo and oocyte vitrification;

- Blastomere and trophectoderm biopsy;

- Trophectoderm tubing for NGS and PCR testing;

- Slides preparation for FISH testing;

- Assisted hatching (mechanical, lazer);

- Sperm analysis;

- Sperm preparation for assisted reproductive technologies;

- Sperm freezing.


Novosibirsk State University, Russia

Master degree (Biological Sciences, Cytology and Genetics Branch), 2003

Personal details:
Interests and Hobbies:

Learning languages (English, Spanish)

Further Information:

Certification: ESHRE clinical embryologist (Munich, 2014)


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