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Abdalqader Abbas

Full Name: Abdalqader Abbas
Position Sought: Embryologist
Primary Language: Arabic & English
Address: Alsena'a st,
Gaza Strip
Telephone: +972599952883
E-mail: Contact Abdalqader
 Profile and objectives
Looking forward to be part of a team and play a vital role in assisting patients of all aspects of human ART
  Main resume

Clinical Embryologist & PGD Specialist

Career History:

1-Lab director and clinical embryologist at Ajyal IVF center (2015 to present).

2-Clinical Embryologist At Al-Basma IVF Medical Center / Embryology lab ( June 2013 to present).

3-Teacher Assistant at biotechnology department in Islamic University of Gaza for Academic year (2013 - 2015).


i· Semen analysis and preparation for IUI, IVF and ICSI and sperm cryopreservation.

ï‚· Performing ICSI.

ï‚· Blastomere Biopsy

ï‚· Egg collection and denudation.

ï‚· Culture dishes preparation.

ï‚· Testicular tissue investigation and cryopreservation.

ï‚· FISH test for PGD cases.

ï‚· Embryo Verification

ï‚· Lab quality control and documentation.

*Plant Protector Specialist April 2014 – July 2014 Ministry of Agriculture , Department of Plant Protection and Inspection Services work in various techniques:

ï‚· IPM ( Biological Control)

ï‚· Plant Tissue culture

ï‚· Red Palm Weevil Project

*Teacher Assistant September 2013– June 2014 Islamic University of Gaza, Biotechnology department. Teaching various lab courses:

ï‚· Genetics

ï‚· Advanced Biochemistry

ï‚· Plant Science

ï‚· General Biology 
ï‚· Agricultural & Environmental Biotechnology

ï‚· Fungal Biotechnology

ï‚· Microbiology

*Geneticist and Medical technologist June 2013– February 2014 Al-Basma IVF Medical Center – Genetics / Routine lab: Work in various techniques:

ï‚· FISH technique

ï‚· DNA extraction

ï‚· Karyotyping

ï‚· Gel Electrophoresis

ï‚· PCR genotyping

ï‚· Hormone analytical tests

ï‚· Blood precipitation test

ï‚· Blood withdrawing

ï‚· Blood group


1- Master course in Biotechnology first semester.

2-Bachelor Degree in biotechnological sciences from the Islamic University of Gaza,
(2009-2013) with excellent degree 90.47% GPA. It involves special courses in General 
biology, Cell biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry , Genetics sciences, Organic chemistry, 
Analytical chemistry, Fungal biotechnology, Recombinant DNA, Environmental 
biotechnology, Agriculture biotechnology , Food biotechnology, advanced biochemistry,
Animal tissue culture, Medical genetic, Industrial biotechnology, Marine biotechnology, 
Molecular diagnostic, Bioseparation, Medical biotechnology and Biostatistics these 
courses where given in English language.

3. Arafat for Gifted Secondary School (2009) with 93.7% GPA.

Personal details:

Home Address: Alsena'a st., Barcelouna garden, Gaza, Palestine.
Date of birth: 21.April.1991.
Mobile: +972599952883
Marital status: Married
Nationality: Palestinian.
Health: No disabilities
Languages: Arabic (Fluent)/English (Very good).

Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

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