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4th Malaysian Reproductive Medicine Congress 2015

4th Malaysian Reproductive Medicine Congress 2015

Penang, Malaysia

03 March 2015

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Topics to be covered:

  1. Access to assisted reproduction as human right
  2. Ovarian stimulation update and IVF cycle optimization
  3. Assessment of the Subfertile Male & Cutting edge techniques in sperm retrieval
  4. Testicular Failure: Advances in Evaluation and treatment
  5. Effect of Sperm DNA fragmentation on IVF/ICSI and clinical outcomes 
  6. The role of medical treatment and supplements in male infertility 
  7. The Changing role of GnRH Agonist – Future or Fad 
  8. The New Formulation of HP-HMG
  9. Treatment options for Subfertile Men
  10. Cycle programming and luteal support in GnRH agonist trigger programme 
  11. Optimizing ART outcomes in PCOS patients
  12. Andrology & genetics screening in patients with OATS increases pregnancy rates
  13. Role of hysteroscopy & endometrial biopsy/scrape as a prelude to ART
  14. Endometriosis and stimulation protocols: an enigma for the best outcome
  15. Patient segmentation in COS: What is the role of LH?
  16. Increasing efficiency of the ART Centre via Quality Control and Audit
  17. Developmental potential & evaluation of human embryos: Sequential versus single media
  18. Single blastocyst transfer; the way to go 
  19. Infertility & ART among the Obese: A dilemma 
  20. Time Lapse Imaging will replace Embryologists?
  21. Strategies for the ageing ovary and poor reserve in ART
  22. Should we perfrom all ICSI with all assisting hatching cycles?
  23. Vitrification - What's new?
  24. Fertility options in patients with STD
  25. PCOS, endometrial hyperplasia and fertility


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Date Added: 03 March 2015   Date Updated: 03 March 2015
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