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trainee embryologist position

By: Funmilayo, 05 March 2007

Can anyone give me ideas on which nhs clinics offer voluntary work experience. So far, the ones I've contacted say they dont have the staff or resources to train me. I have been to a few interviews for 'trainee' position and have been advised to get work experience in this field. But this is a no win situation as everyone seems to think trainining people like us is a waste of resources. I would welcome any suggestion. [Respond to this question]

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Response from Simon Aiken 07 March 2007
The problem you have is that the position of embryologist is rapidly becoming a professional medical position (as opposed to just a labie). This means being registered, keeping up evidence that you qualify for registration, and a postgraduate degree in embryology. Many long serving embryologists are currently studying part-time, just so they can remain registered. You'll now be in competition with people who have a masters degree in embryology... and often with the practical experience as well. My advice, you'll have to spend 2 years at one of the five or six main centres around the world that run practical masters of clinical embryology courses.
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Response from Shane Ryan 05 March 2007
Yes, I agree with you completely. The profession of Embryologist from my experience seems to be filled with very bright people, but highly egoistic and selfish. They would after numerous attempts finally take you as Embryologist, but make sure that you dont learn everything fully and feed your bosses with news of your inefficiency in a very subtle way. welcome to the world of sufferers.
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Response from helen hunter 05 March 2007
I wouldn't limit yourself to NHS Units, try all units in areas you are able to get to. It may not be necessary to have a long period of work experience, sometimes all that shortlisters are looking for is the fact that you have made an effort to visit a unit for a few days and got some idea of what the job is like. Try not to be too disheartened and see if you can go on at least a visit or two for starters. I got into it by doing a research assistant post handling human embryos, and that then gave me an advantage at interview. Good luck.
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