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1. Emad Sedeek (Egypt)

Position Wanted: Freelance Embryologist
"Clinical Embryologist,13 years of experience in the field of ART, master degree in "genetics engineering and IVF" it is with great interest that I am forwarding my CV/Resume for your consideration. My record of academic achievements and professional career history, demonstrates attributes that makes me a valuable employee"
Views: 34Updated: 25 July 2017

2. hananhikal (Egypt)

Position Wanted: geneticist & andrologist
"A reliable and meticulous medical lab technologist, seeking full-time employment in any of the assigned areas of expertise, with the purpose of advancing their career and contributing to the industry."
Views: 28Updated: 25 July 2017

3. Raja (India)

Position Wanted: Freelance Embryologist
"Recently moved from USA, after 8 years of experience in world class institutions-Harvard University Medical School, Stanford University School of Medicine and in many private fertility centers in USA. Freelancing embryology services: All aspects of IVF, ICSI, Embryo Biopsy, PGS/PGD by NGS/CGH array, Vitrification and Thawing, QA/QC."
Views: 71Updated: 22 July 2017

4. antony thomas (India)

Position Wanted: embryologist
antony thomas "To work as an independent embryologist in a well established IVF centre, which helps in my professional growth and where i can apply my theoretical and practical skills following good ethics and professional conduct."
Views: 59Updated: 21 July 2017


"I have trained under Dr. Ashok Agrawal at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, for two years. I have live birth rate of 45% in my ICSI cases and have had over 500 of them, have managed labs and satellite Centers across Gujarat and Maharashtra. I have also been a crucial part of the administration and marketing departments of the IVF centers I've worked for."
Views: 80Updated: 18 July 2017

6. Nirali Bhutiya (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
Nirali Bhutiya "Embryologist with 5 years experience willing to work in a clinic with a good working environment and ethical practice. Immediately available for Embryology, andrology, training and consultancy services."
Views: 107Updated: 17 July 2017

7. Abdalqader Abbas (Palestine)

Position Wanted: Clinical Embryologist & PGD Specialist
Abdalqader Abbas "Looking forward to be part of a team and play a vital role in assisting patients of all aspects of human ART"
Views: 116Updated: 04 July 2017

8. Eva Ulehlova,MS, ELD(ABB) (United States)

Position Wanted: senior per diem embryologist/andrologist-www.ivflabdirector.com-utilize my 25+ years of USA IVF laboratory experience - locum, per diem embryology services, management,CAP accreditation, CLIA, FDA, tissue bank, quality improvement, laboratory regulations,
Eva Ulehlova,MS, ELD(ABB) "Per diem embryologist/www.ivflabdirector.com"
Views: 174Updated: 29 June 2017

9. Kruthi Kudlur Balu (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"Young Scientist with three years of experience working in IVF Lab skilled with practical and theoretical knowledge. Calm Learner, Passionate about work, Enthusiastic team player and dedicated towards acquiring more experience and work for growth of organisation by accepting the new challenges and skills"
Views: 178Updated: 26 June 2017

10. Dr.K.Snekha (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"Seeking a successful career in the field of Embryology, with committed and dedicated people, to help me explore my fullest potential. I'm willing to work as a key player in a challenging & innovative environment. I’m confident that my skills can give greater contributions for your organisation."
Views: 256Updated: 08 June 2017

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