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91. copper co2 incubator

16 October 2012 by Patricia Frias

I work in an IVF_ICSI lab and we got this gorgeous copper heracell HERAEUS Co2 incubator , it works great but I´m worried because after days the floor and part of the walls of the incubator begin to turn LIGHTgreen and I´m concerned this might be toxic for my embryos, what do you think??? Thanks for your answer, regards
Patricia Frias
Lab Manager

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92. looking for ivf instruments

08 October 2012 by Dr.VM.Thomas PhD;FSAB

We are looking for stereozoom microscope,Micromanipulator for our training programme.If any one is interested in selling instruments pls contact US  - 



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93. Training

05 October 2012 by Sameer
Pleased to announce comprehensive training course in ART and embryology in association with monash biotech Australia between 26th nov to 1st December 2012 Raipur chhattisgarh Senior embryologist dr Nadine richings and dr senior art specialist dr John macbain from Melbourne will impart the training Limited seats....please register and send mails to sameerp5000@hotmail.com
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94. Sperm Slow- Origio

05 October 2012 by p-ivf

Hie Everybody,

Does anybody use a Sperm Slow during ICSI ?

I have just bought but after reading a brochure I hace few questions. In the brochure is written that after ICSI-dish preparation I should place it in a 5-6% CO2 incubator. I also use Lifeglobal media and for ICSI I use GTH medium (global total w/HEPES ). And I am concerned if I should place this ICSI-dish in CO2 incubator or in IVF-chamber?

Bezt regards,


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95. ovum aspiration pump

23 September 2012 by MANISH & CHARU

plaese can any one tell me which one is a better oocyte aspiration pump from three companies I know

  1. Labotech
  2. cook
  3. rocket of london

and also why?

what is the difference that makes one superior in quality over other

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96. dr, phd

13 September 2012 by patrizia pellizzari

Dear Colleagues

after oocytes retrieval how many hours do you wait before performing ICSI? Thank you



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97. Failed cleavage

17 August 2012 by Jo

I was wondering if anyone else has seen a case like this or has any thoughs/suggestions?


1st cycle:

IVF/ICSI split. normal fertilisation (2PN) with both IVF (x4) and ICSI (x5). Day 2 observations (all zygotes) - failed cleavage and the appearance of multipronucleation. Cultured to Day 3 - no change

2nd cycle:

5 eggs injected. 3 x 0PN, 1x1PN, 1x2PN - Failed cleavage on day 2 (no visible PNs). Cultured to day 3 - no change. (1PN cleaved to 2 cells on day 2, with both cells showing multinucleation).

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98. biopsy medium

07 August 2012 by tahir

hello all,

can any one tell me how much cook embryo biopsy medium used in a single case of embryo biopsy.



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99. Trainee Embryologist

30 July 2012 by Fiona Connolly

Deal all,

I was just wondering if someone could advise me on the trainee path to become a clinical embryologist in the United States?


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29 July 2012 by Denise

If anyone has a Minc Incubator in Australia that they would like to sell please phone Denise on 0400216948 or email denise@fssc.com.au

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