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81. HSA

02 January 2013 by PHd embryologist

Protein supplementation for embryo culture is very important. It can be a source of potential contamination; causing variation in embryonic development and subsequent implantation rates. I want to ask which culture media is best for embryo: media with HSA or without HSA?


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82. BRIDGE COURSE on Biotechnology: University to Industry

18 December 2012 by Dr.D'Pankar Banerji

BRIDGE COURSE on Biotechnology: University to Industry
(10 Days Certified Course)

  • Primary Tissue Culture
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Embryo Biotechnology
  • Molecular Biology Techniques: DNA Isolation and PCR

Date: 3rd -13th Jan’13 (8:30 am – 1pm)

Venue: Ideal Fertility : ICSI,IVF and Genetic Center, Jabalpur

Contact: Dr.D’Pankar Banerji, Ph: +91-761-2627711 (11-4 pm)

E-mail: dpankar@Idealfertility.com

For details: visit ,www.idealfertility.com;www.drbanerji-fertilitycinic.com

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83. Minc Incubators

09 December 2012 by Denise

If anyone has a minc incubator(s) that they would like to sell in Australia, please contact Denise at Affordable IVF on 0400216948 or email denise@affordableivf.com.au

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84. Secondhand(used) Laser and IMSI device will be purchased

30 November 2012 by Koray YILDIZ

I am looking for to purchase a secondhand(used) Laser and IMSI device to a private IVF center in Turkey. Thank you.      

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85. hCG Timing

30 November 2012 by Endrew

Hi all.

I would like to ask what is the best pickup time after hCG injection?

It is recommended pickup 30-33 hours after hCG injection?

Pickup 30-33 hours after hCG iniection may cause high % oocyts MI? and low fertilized rate may be due to too short time? (30-33h)?

Thank you for your answers


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24 November 2012 by imad aboujaoude

did anyone have compare result of cleavage with icsi injector narishige and eppendorf ? or compare different oil solution ?

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10 November 2012 by Dr Mnaju B nair

This is about a 30 year old lady with primary infertility of 5 years duration who had been having history of irregular cycles once in two months and was diagnosed  to have polycystic ovaries outside our institution.After evaluation her baseline hormones were normal, S AMH 2.7 ng/ml and USS done AFC 5-6 in each ovary.Husband semen analysis revealed severe oligoasthenoteratospermia.In view of male factor she was counselled for ICSI-ET.


1ST IVF cycle : Antagonsit protocol- Recagon 225 IU- 12 days of stimulation- E2 on Day of HCG- 2800 PG/ML- REC hcg 250 mcg GIVEN- NO EGGS RETRIEVED- Serum Beta HCG- 108- Diagnosed as True empty follicular syndrome


2nd IVF cycle- Antagonist protocol- Gonal F 300 IU ,10 days of stimulation- E2 on day of HCG- 1991 pg/ml- Rec HCG 500 mcg given- no eggs retrieved

We would like to know if there is alternative for this patient apart from egg donation.Is there any other tests which can be recommended to find out the cause of this problem

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88. Cleaning /disinfection validation of reusable medical device

08 November 2012 by Bes

1) Any suggestions for designing cleaning/disinfection validation protocol for reusable medical device used in IVF lab?

2) How do you test that the cryopreservation/vitrification labware is clean of any soils?

3) What's a suitable simulated soil for an embryo?

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30 October 2012 by MARTHA

Dear all

I was wondering if anybody is using the CBS (Custom Biogenic Systems) V1500 IVF SYSTEM for cryostorage. It seems like the ideal cryostorage but how user friendly is in practice? Does it's internal temperature drop bellow -190 when in use? (the company claims that it doesn't). Are the goblets numbered? How cost effective is it as far as liquid N2 consumption? Any feedback on foulty functions or room for improvement? Any information would be really halpfull




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90. Looking for laser for embryo biopsy

29 October 2012 by Eliza

Looking to purchase a Laser to do embryo biopsy.  If anyone knows of anyone selling please let me know.

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