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71. Trainee opportunity-clinical embryologist

17 May 2013 by Victoria

Deal all,

I was just wondering if someone could advise me on the trainee path to become a clinical embryologist in the UK? (I am a postgraduate from Tel Aviv University in Medical Sciences and I have several years work experience as a biomedical scientist).



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72. Do you Know some vacancy for a trainee or junior embrylogist??

06 May 2013 by Yolanda

I am a trainee embryologist and I am looking for an oppprtunity to broad my experience and start to work as embryologist.

I don´t mind the country .


Please contact me if you could help me.


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73. Portable temperature & humidity data logger - any recommendations?

08 April 2013 by Yvonne

We are looking for a small, portable temperature and humidity data logger with at least +/- 0.5oC accuracy which is easy to download and has decent enough range to temperature map our IVF incubators and fridges. There are plenty on the market but can anyone recommend a particular model for ease of use/reliability? Many thanks.

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74. Please urgent

04 March 2013 by Jenny

If I froze the embryos on day 3. What is the best day/time to do transfer after thawing? Do you transfer the embryos same day of thawing? Is it better to let them rest in the incubator and do the transfer the next day on day4 so that we make sure the embryos are still alive? Thanks in advance

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75. What is best angle?

26 February 2013 by ahmad

What is the best angle, bevel length and internal diameter for injection needles I should use for ICSI?

Is the angle of the holder arm the same as the angle of the needle that will be used or should I always adjust the angle of the holder arm on 45 degree?


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76. Oocyte denudation

20 February 2013 by Mohammad ajjour

How much it is important to clean eggs totally out of cumulus And crona?

Is pipetting eggs with 130 micro meter tip does not harm the eggs?

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77. Reagents for Sperm antibody Immunobead test

14 February 2013 by Dr Sajal Gupta

Reagents for the Sperm ANtibody tests:

Immunobead Reagent Anti-Human IgG

Immunobead Reagent Anti-Human IgA

Immunobead Reagent Rabbit Anti-Human Ig

Immunobead Buffer A Tyrodes 1x w/ 0.4% BSA

Immunobead Buffer B Tyrodes 1x w/ 5% BSA

We are looking for other vendors for providing the Reagents for Sperm antibody test done with immunobead reagents. The current company that we get the reagents from such as Anti IgA and Anti IgG antibody will stop supplying these reagents for the Immunobead tests. Please contact us at 216-444-8182.

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78. Freezer tracking software

14 February 2013 by Dr Sajal Gupta

Freezer Tracking software information:

We are looking for information on Freezer tracking software for the Reproductive Tissue Bank at the Cleveland Clinic. We want to be able to track all our banked samples inventories.

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15 January 2013 by Martha

Dear all,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the new vitrification system form KITAZATO called CRYOTEC. How easy/difficult is it in comparison with the CRYOTOP and are there any changes in take under consideration when switching from one model to the other? 

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80. immature oocytes

15 January 2013 by Dr Samar Hassan

Dear author and coliques

Greetings, i have few cases younger age 28-30 yrs with immature oocytes. i tried long, short, antagonist and IVM. However they have had 4 cycles and still immature oocytes with good number of oocytes retrieval 10-15. Any ideas? Thank you

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