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61. luteal support in ivf

23 July 2013 by prakash kulkarni

what should be ideal luteal support in ivf patients having average overian responce and age 35-40 yrs.

will high dosage of progesterone  affect pregnancy rates

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62. fertilization failurre

19 July 2013 by Anupama

Recently we had 18 oocytes, 50% had expanded fluffy cumulus..

But i didnot see any 2PN after 18hrs, but pominently 2PB were seen.

What could be the reason for this failure?

What is your opinion - my culture environment or culture media at fault?

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63. IS trigas benchtop incubator good for day 1,2,3 culture?

19 July 2013 by Anupama


I want to know whether trigas is good for oocyte culture?



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08 July 2013 by TAHIR

hello, i want to ask to all of you a question that in PGD when i explode the blastomere i saw nucleus and it dry but after fixation i dont see any nucleus and same as after DAPI i dont get any signal, please help me and guide me thanks

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65. Floating Microdrops in ICSI dish

23 June 2013 by RTB

Anyone encountered this problem before? I'm doing embryo biopsy in 5 ul droplets of G-PGD in an ICSI dish and when I overlay with mineral oil the drops sometimes float. Is this a common problem?

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66. Used Laser Needed

19 June 2013 by Jim Ary

I am looking for a used laser compatible with a Nikon Diaphot 200. If you have acquired a new Lykos to replace your Zilos, I would like to purchase the Zilos or the Octax is also compatible. Please email jamesary@gmail.com or call 1-949-640-7200. Thanks.

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67. vacuolation

11 June 2013 by doraemon

1) Vacuoles on oocyte prior ICSI is due to what factor? stimulation? genetic?

2) Vacuoles sudden appear on day-3 embryos is due to what factor? (Day-2 cleavage check detected no vacuoles on embryo). Is it due to environment factor? media factor? incubator factor? etc?

3) Vacuoles sudden appear on day-4 embryos is due to? pH changes? genetic?

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68. Stimulation when patient is on AKT3

05 June 2013 by Shraddha Shetye


One of my patient is on AKT3, Can i start with stimulation this month

and transfer of Embryo next month

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69. About LEEC & MINC Incubator

05 June 2013 by Shraddha


We are recently opened at Mumbai

We have approximately 3 cases per month

Can i just switch off LEEC & MINC Incubator when there are no cases, And what should i do before using these Incubators after many days.

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70. Asking for your opinion about quality of the smear

01 June 2013 by Sergei (andrologist)

I should very much like to know your professional opinion about the quality of the smear, where sperm is diff quick stained in oder to assess sperm morphology by strict criteria. Is it ok, or there could be some difficulties?

Asking for your opinion about quality of the smear
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