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23 October 2013 by DR SUDHA SHIVKUMAR


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52. FREE HSV straws

08 October 2013 by Rebecca

We have a box of HSV straws that we no longer use and would like to give them to someone who can!

Please email me at Rebecca.M@portlandivf.net if you would like them.

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53. embryos developed from M1

05 October 2013 by mohammed

Good morning everyone

I just want to know about the fate of embryos resulting from injecting M1 if this embryo normal can be transferred or not.

Thanks for everyone sharing info

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54. Zona Pellucida

26 September 2013 by Anupama

If excessive number of Sperms  remain there even after denudation after 18hrs of IVF, What Should be the reason?

The oocytes were with Filamentous and thick ZP.

Fertilization took place, no multipn happened.

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55. down syndrom

17 August 2013 by Mohammad Tahir

what you people suggest that screening of down syndrome is better done with PCR OR FISH?

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56. Laser needed

07 August 2013 by Shal

I wish to buy a new or used laser for embryo biopsy. Please contact me at shal_nam@hotmail.com

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57. Dr

04 August 2013 by GH Mohamed

Greetings. would somebody be kind enough to advise me on how to dilute LUCRIN for the microdose flare protocol. In SA we have the patient pack of LUCRIN which comes packed in a 2.5ml container,(5mgm/ml)

Thanks in advance , regards

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58. question about TESE

03 August 2013 by Dr Ghasemian


I have a question about Tese.

Can i do TESE surgery 24 hours before oocyte retrieval?

Is this method scientific?

I hear that this method can promot sperm maturation and the pregnancy rate of ART.

Best Regards

Dr Ghasemian

Guilan University of Medical Sciences

infertility therapy center of Alzahra

Rasht, Iran


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59. IMSI

29 July 2013 by Sahar

Can any one guide me how to prepare (sperm)plate for IMSI.

Is there any difference in the method of dish preparation between ICSI and IMSI?

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60. Positive Displacement Pipettes

25 July 2013 by Mike Hooper

We are in the process of replacing some of our Positive Displacement Pipettes (10ul and 50ul) used in our Diagnostic Andrology Lab. There are less makes available, so we would appreciate any suggestions for good, accurate PDP pipettes

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