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41. Patient

15 March 2014 by Mohammad

Dear sir / Madam

Nasradin is a 28 yeras old patient from Iraq. He has got married for three years but he was infertile. If he comes to your center, what will you do for him. Plese inform us the detai of your plan. the attached files are his documents.

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42. Master degree inquiries in Embryology and Andrology

02 March 2014 by Jeifa

Dear all,
I am a former IVF technician with a bachelor degree in Biology from Iran. I am a California resident and would like to find my way back to the field.
My application got accepted at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) on line master’s program in clinical embryology and andrology. In order to go there, I would need to take a student loan for the full amount of my tuition and expenses. Since this would be a huge financial commitment for me, I am trying to learn more about the credentials of this program and its impact on a potential future career
I’m sincerely in need of expert opinion and an advice. I am about to going to be in debt for a chance to get my master’s degree. I have been unsuccessful in trying to find any kind of information that would actually help me figure out if this would be my best option in getting start in this field. That’s why I’m reaching out to you. I would really appreciate any tips or feedback you might have for me.
Sincere thanks in advance for you help and time

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43. No Resistance of Oolemma to ICSI Needle

04 February 2014 by Prashan Maharaj

Hi all. Can anyone please advise on what would cause the oolemma of an oocyte not to have resistance to an ICSI needle.

I have done 2 oocyte pickups, on the same day. Patient 1: 12 oocytes harvested and Patient 2: 20 oocytes harvested. During both ICSI's, approximately 70% of the oocytes (for both patients) showed no resistance to the ICSI needle and was penetrated easily. Fertilization rate was 52% (Patient 1) and 46% (Patient 2). 

Patient 1 had 11 days of stimulation and patient 2 had 10 days. ICSI for both patients was performed approximately 40 hours after HCG trigger.

Can anyone please comment/suggest what may have caused this, so it can be avoided in the future.

Many Thanks,

Prashan Maharaj

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44. Embryos from 0-1 pN

04 February 2014 by Alexey

Please, post your opinion about what shall we do with the blastocysts from 0-1 pN?

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45. Sperm Capacitaion and Incubation temperature.

01 February 2014 by Faraz

What is suitable temperature for sperm incubation. Also discuss, weather Carbonated media should be used for incubating sperms or nor.?

For how long washed semen be incubated before proceeding to ICSI/ IMSI/ Vitrificatin?

Sperm Capacitaion and Incubation temperature.
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46. Sperm Capacitaion

01 February 2014 by Faraz

How long sperms take to be capacitated In-vitro as compared to In-vivo?

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47. egg collection

30 January 2014 by patrizia pellizzari

if the ovaries are colapsed in the douglas pouch which is the best way to perform egg retrieval minimizing the risk of bleeding or to injury pelvic organs?

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29 January 2014 by jelena

Dear colleagues,

I have a dilemma about vitrification of oocytes. Is it better to remove all cummulus cells or leave some corona cells, before vitrification? What are your experiences in terms of survival rates and fertilization succes?

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49. lid placement inside incubator

22 November 2013 by Louis

Hello, i have a little doubt regarding petri dish lid placement inside incubator (with a common microdrop under oil embryo culture system): do you cap the dishes with lid or not? Do you think the lid is potentially harmful to media-incubator continuous gas exchange?

Thank you

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50. stopped embryo growth

23 October 2013 by JVNS

Hi everyone,

I have a patient who underwent ICSI treatment 3 times, housband is severe OAT III . Every time she has about 7 oocytes in average, 85% MII and 65% of succesful fertilization. But, embryos stops to grow at day 2 or even at 2PN stage.

What could be the reason of this and is there a way to get better embryos in this case?

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