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Dear All what would be the ideal FET protocol in those patients who have had their embryos frozen due to high Progesterone level in their fresh cycle   it will be appreciated and thanks in advance 

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32. Necrozoospermia

24 August 2014 by Shrikant

patient with necrozoospermia

volume always less than 1 ml

hormones nomal/

plz suggest investigations , Rx modality 

will TESA work ?

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33. Themometer

13 August 2014 by Raul

Any suggestions in which calibrated thermometer to use to check Tokai thermoplates?

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34. Zygotes displaying 2PNs which never meet then fade.

11 July 2014 by Mrs Abigail Burchill

We recently had a case where some of the D1 zygotes displayed 2PNs but they faded before they ever met. The embryos she produced were very poor, irregular division and very fragmented. Even though she has PCO I understand there may be a male factor at work here as the sperm centrosome is responsible for moving the PNs together...


Questions are: has anyone ever seen this and what were the outcomes/how did you treat it? Does anyone have any further information on this phenomenon? Do you know could this be detected on Electron Microscopy analysis of his sperm (abnormal centrioles)? and is there anywhere in UK or anywhere else that may offer this  test commercially?


Thanks in advance for your input.


A. Burchill.

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35. Cryopreservation Pig Sperm

03 July 2014 by Pam Matthews

Is there anyone out there who has successfully frozen/vitrofied pig sperm?

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36. embryologist and pregnancy rate

05 May 2014 by ahmad

 Is the embryologist responsibil about Incidence of  pregnancy or  after he get embryos  morphologically ( grade A ) according to the score parameter and  loading the embryos correctly in catheter ?
 I ask this question because there's many doctors owners clinics blame the embryologist if pregnancy rate dropped , although he gave them a wonderful embryos morphologically i know that the embryologist responsible are all action and process and qulity control inside his lab and his responsibility end with loading the embryos correctly in catheter  is that right ?
and if your answer is no he is responsibil about pregnancy rate please tell me why but according to Scientifically data

 My last question  Are there other criteria to evaluate the embryo if it was morphologically score A

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37. thawing

17 April 2014 by Dr Archana


can anyone tell me what could be the reason of degeneration of only few blastomeres in a normal looking embryo after thawing? 

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38. New incubator smell

09 April 2014 by May

Hi. Can anyone please advise me how to clean and eliminate the smell of a new incubator? Important thing is to eliminate the smell inside the incubator, I've read that we can put potassium permanganate infused carbon activated charcoal into the incubator to eliminate the smell. Can anyone advise me where I can purchase these and are there other ways to ward off the smell?



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39. K-MINC-1000 Incubator For sale

04 April 2014 by Bryan Smith

2 K-minc-1000 Bench top Incubators for sale. Ex demonstration/service units from Australia that have seen little work and are in very good condition. Both units have been tested and calibrated by BTCS Technical Services (my own company) and will provide reliable service. Price for each device is AUS $2500.


Also for sale is 1 K-FTH-1012 Test tube warmer also in good condition. Price is $350.


Freight can be arranged worldwide via TNT. Please contact me for more information


Items have 


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40. isolation of nucleus

30 March 2014 by Mohammad Tahir

I faced  1 problem during doing pgd biopsy which i want to share and ask the solution,

when i spread the blastomere, 5 out of 11 blastomere remain intact, nucleus did not isolate at all, what may be the reason and what should i use in this type of sotuation?


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