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101. pitting associated with good mitochondrial activity

28 July 2012 by archana jayavel

dear collegues,

Does anyone have a better idea if pitting seen in the embryos is associated with good mitochondrial activity? Do they have a better implantation rate?


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102. ivf incubators

13 July 2012 by patrizia pellizzari

Dear Colleagues

according to your experience do you prefer dry incubators or humidified incubators for human embryos and oocytes?

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103. Follicular Fluid Puncture

10 July 2012 by Yessine
Can you tell me what is the colour of the follicular fluid ?
Most punctures during in vitro fertilization look red.
Is it the true colour of the follicular fluid ?

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104. fertilization failure

28 June 2012 by Darya

Dear all, I would appreciate any suggestion concerning our case. The donor sperm had been used repeatedly before and succeded in fertilizing ova by IVF and ICSI. This time the ova were taken from a young woman donor who had 2 children. The ova were treated with ordinary IVF. We found no fertilizatoin next day although the ova appeared mature. What can be the reason and the management of this problem. thanks in advance.

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105. Tri-gas in large chamber incubator

26 June 2012 by Fiona Foad


Our laboratory only has a small gas store and so we are unable to house both CO2 cylinders and Tri-gas cylinders, which we need if we are to switch to Minc style incubators.  Is anyone else using Tri-gas in their large chamber incubators?  Are there any considerations other than the cost of the gas?

Thanks in advance.  

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106. nikon smz 1000 stereozoom microscope

29 May 2012 by sekar

hai,this is dr.sekar from tamilnadu,india.my contact no 09842320622.i am looking for an used nikon smz 1000 stereozoom microscope in good working condition.if anybody is interested.please contact me.thanks.please reply at the earliest.

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107. vacuolation

25 May 2012 by as

hi.. we are getting vacuolated pre-zygotes on day 1 and slow developing embryos since few days. renovation is going out in our building. Is this the problem  and if yes how to cope up with it?

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108. instruments

17 May 2012 by prudhvi

which is the best icsi microscope and micro manipulator system available now? i t should be user friendly and technically sound and economical

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109. Lab equipement

11 May 2012 by Artur

Dear Memebers,

I'm clinician obs&gyne interested in setting up IVF lab. What would you recommend as a basic start-up essential set-up? 

I would be interested in some good quality second hand equipment

Do you have access to such equipment in your stock and would that be possible to quote estimate prices for such?

Kindest Regards




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110. unfreezable human embryos

29 April 2012 by emad

How to get rid of unfreezable human embryos If a reference is availble It would be nice

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