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1. used ivf machines and new supplies for sale

01 September 2016 by Max castor

Surplus from doctors office in queens , ny

Ivf lab machines and supplies 

cryo press sealer

heracell incubator 150

isotemp 1025- fisher scientific 

isotemp 2025-fisher scientific

co incubator 

ohaus analytical plus


petrie dishes falcon 35x 10 35-1008 model

petri dish 50x9 

falcon 35-3002 petri 

and supplies 



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2. PGD

06 May 2016 by tagreed shehab

Please can you tell me if can I freeze embryos after PGD?

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3. Global total (Life global group) and Embryoglue (Vitrolife)

27 April 2016 by Kone


I am using Global Total (Life global group) media for embryo culture (until day 2/3) and for embryo transfer.

I hear that embryoglue (Vitrolife) improve implantation and life birth baby rates. But mixing two media is not recommended in IVF procedures.

Can I use Global Total for culture and embryoglue for transfer safely? that will not affect my results?


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4. round bottom tubes with EC

11 April 2016 by zz

Dear All

Could you recommend me round bottom tubes (17x100) with certificate EC ??

I will be very grateful for your help.

Best regards,


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5. Origio

12 January 2016 by J. Hackworth

Has anyone else had issues with Origio equipment that was sold as new but is obviously used and/or has problems?

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6. Sperm DNA fragmentation testing, where do we stand?

09 January 2016 by Eman Saber

I am currently doing Master degree and doing a survey “Sperm DNA fragmentation: where do we stand”. I would be really grateful if you can help me with answering this survey, I would like to increase the feedback about this survey to increase its validity.
No doubt that upon completion of this survey the results and data analysis will be mailed back.

The survey can be accessed through: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/spermdnafrag

Thank you in advance


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7. Case report-Poor Oocyte Quality

20 November 2015 by Koray YILDIZ

Dear Colleagues,

      I have seen rarely poor oocyte which has a spesific anomally that has large halo at the periphery. As an embryologist, I made 5 day culture and there is no blastocyst occurence and resulted canceling the ICSI cycle. I am wondering the prognose of this kind of oocytes.

Here is some details;

29 years of woman,third ICSI trial, first two trial were at  different good quality laboratories.

Woman Day 3 FSH: 9

         LH: 4,5

         E2 : 55

         Prolactine: 10,2

         TSH: 2,8

         HSG: Normal

       Man: Normal Sperm parameters

Antagonist protocol starting 150 IU rFSH up to day8. At day 4 gnrh antagonist started for 6 days up to day 9.At day 9, 75 IU rFSH and Decapeptyle injected. 35 hours later we collected 8 oocytes( 7 MII, 1 GV). 3 hours after oocyte pickup ICSI made and 5 of them fertilised and cultered 5 days but no blastocyst occured and cycle canceled.

Here is the oocyte and day 5 pictures.

I 'll be very appreciated for your helps,

Thank you.


Dogufertil IVF Center

Malatya / Turkiye 


Case report-Poor Oocyte Quality
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17 November 2015 by Saiprasad Gunde


We Recently had a very poor blastocyst conversion rate for one of our patient, in her 2 cycles.

1st cylce : Only 2 became blastocysts out of 12 Embryos (10 top quality Embryos on day 3)

2nd cycle : Only 2 became blastocysts out of 20 Embryos (14 top quality Embryos on day 3)

Interestingly Blastocysts form both cycles  looked very identical.

Have attached pictures.

The fertilisation Rate was excellent.

The embryos looke good till day 3. But then got arrested.

Any body had such experience?

Sperm has a role?

Kindly share your experient.

Thank you,


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9. SAGE 1-Step Medium

23 September 2015 by Davor Štimac

Hi! Does anyone have experience with SAGE 1-Step Medium? I'm interested about what concentration of CO2 must be in incubator,beacuse in manual is not strictly defined, just say equilibrate for a minimum of 2h in 5-6% CO2?

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10. lab air

11 September 2015 by ellen


Dear colleagues,

We are going to upgrade our lab in China, and would like to renovate our air system. The space is about 2000 square feet (including lab and ORs). 

We would much appreciate your recommendation in choosing a lab air system design company or an existing system. Any company interested can also contact me at shellen01@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance!

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