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1. Binder incubator CB160

03 June 2015 by Davor
Hi to all!! I'm new member here. I'm interested does anyone have some experience with new Binder incubator for IVF CB 160? Tnx Davor
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2. Vizyon IVF Center Automation Software

28 April 2015 by Denis ILINOV
We are a software development company located in Turkey and Bulgaria which is developing software solutions in IVF and medical sectors for over 7 years. Vizyon IVF Center Software includes: - Appointment Module (Manage and view appoinments of your patients, doctors and operation rooms) - Patient Module (Add and edit records of patients) - Operation Module (Manage Infertiliy, IVF, OPU, ET, IUI, DET, Urology forms and more) - Tracking Module (Monitor your pregnant patients which will give birth soon, patients consulted with psychiatrist, E2 / P4 / Blood / Urinalysis test requests and so on) - Laboratory Module (Embryology, Cryo, Thaw, Blood Analysis, Urinalysis, Semen Analysis forms, Tank module for embryo and semen freezing, and more) - Accounting Module (Detailed tracking of payments made by patients, debts, printing bills and so on) - Reporting Module (Detailed patient, pregnancy, appointment, Beta-HCG reports and more) - Management Module (Manage your per.. Vizyon IVF Center Automation Software
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3. Blastocyst quantity, pregnancy rate

20 April 2015 by Alex
Dear colleagues, we changed culture medium in our lab. The blastocyst formation rate became higher (60-70% top quality), but pregnancy rate reduced. Is it possible that when we have more top quality blastocysts their implantation potential goes down?
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4. K System INVICELL G210

03 April 2015 by Docteur
Dear all, Is anybody using the new multichamber INVICELL G210 incubator from KSYSTEM? Are you happy with the device? Any troubles noticed? Thanks for you answer
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5. Setting up of an new ivf centre

15 March 2015 by chandro3
We wish to buy second hand IVF/ ICSI equipment. Please contact me. Thanks
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6. Southwest Embryology Summit

02 March 2015 by Jean Popwell, PhD, HCLD, CC
Please post : It is an upcoming conference and we would like to get feedback from our peers in the IVF field. Thank you, SWES - Southwest Embryology Summit The main goal of the meeting is to present current topics and recent advances in the ART laboratory, and to encourage open and vigorous discussion among all attendees as well as share their experiences, concerns and questions. We are currently in the process of planning our 2016 meeting and would like feedback from our peers on the following categories: Location, Date/Length, and Workshops/Activities. Please click on link below to participate in our survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SWES2016
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7. Purity of incubator gas

16 January 2015 by Alison Jones
Does anyone know what purity of gas IVF units should have in the incubators? Ours is currently CP grade which is chemically pure at 99.9992%. Is this necessary or could it be 99.998% instead?
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8. refreeze thawed embryos

28 December 2014 by Mohammed AlRaawi
Dear All embryologist. good morning. can we do refeeze grade 2 for thawed embryos and what is the policy to do that? what about the outcome after thawing to this refreezed embryo?
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9. bench top incubator

28 December 2014 by Mohammed AlRaawi
Dear all good morning. I need somebody using bench top incubator to tell me about the difference between the ordenary incubator and his experience with using triple gas bench top incubators. what about the system you are using(company k_system or origio others) ? what about blastulation rate using Bench top incubator? Many many thanks for all.
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10. Looking for antivibration table and isolator platform

06 December 2014 by Kevin D. Dippert
I own a horse reproduction clinic and am in the process of setting up an ICSI room inside my lab. I was wondering if anyone could guide me as to any used (preferable) or new anti-vibration tables or microscope isolatory platforms for sale. The table I am looking for is approximately 36 inches wide. Although not immediately, eventually I would be looking for a laminar flow hood as well, 36 to 48 inches wide, self standing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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